Candidates- Clients looking for work, or looking for cheap counselling...(My How Time Flys) edition

Really, the last time I dropped by was March.....How is that possible? Well whatever the reason was, I'm sure it was a good one. The company underwent a transition from Radical Events to Social HR. And I grew from a lowly "Sourcers Apprentice" to a "Real Social One"We have picked up some really brave people to work alongside us; I keep my appointments, talk alot and follow no real path of thought (being non-linear is so much fun, no one knows what side of the conversation I am on, Have I moved it forward or rebooted....? Let's wait and see).

Today, besides quelling all the rumours of my premature demise (started by me..oops) I thought I would start the second half of 2012 with a couple of observations I have been able to cobble together. Again, as is the Canadian way, I beg both attention and comments to this humble diatribe; Feedback is always welcome.

  1. When dealing with clients; who's bottom line are we truly concerned about?
  2. Do we, as a profession, add a little 'finishing detail' to those who could be spectacular, just can't communicate properly
  3. When do most of us call it a day? Do we stick close to the 8-6 pm routine, or has someone discovered the magic serum to get more done in less time?
  4. Do we deliver 'personalized' service based on candidate potential, or do we (shudder) grey bin the tough fills?
  5. How does Social Media play a part in any of your decisions- How do the people find you? How do they follow the Candidate, do you provide door-to-door service, or simply hand out the form and wish them well?


Depending on our time in the industry or our particular niche sandbox we get to play in, some, if not all these points should be thought of at one time or another, especially if our end-goal is continued business. Depending on the posting, most people will just apply, and leave it to you to decide whether the skill-level matches the job. At times this can be very frustrating, but realistically it has to be expected. Give these people a polite nudge and possibly read with them the section they missed. Don't discard them, the minute you do, a fantastic position comes in and you have to start fresh, except for the part where you let the top candidate go.

We sit in a special catagory, needed by many to help fill the spots successfully, chastised for looking out for the fee before delivering the goods (in my mind these two cancel each other out for the top producers)

As for the Magic "Happy Hour"- take each day as they present themselves and keep closing until the sheets are full. One really good week will probably be offset with 2 or 3 spent squirrel watching in the name of good business. More for less is ideal; however not always achievable, and should not be seen as a "Magic Quota"

I try to take my people at face value. In looking my Mission Statement over; if I accomplish less for my candidate than to give them all my undivided attention, and assist them in reaching their goal as a valued company "sub-contractor" *

Its always nice when you can say that you had a hand in the success of any company; and this becomes that much sweeter as you watch your candidate rise through the ranks. Personalized service is more than submitting a CV or just the stats on the candidate: Its making sure that the first impression is the best one that client will see, and your person stands out as the only possible choice. Take the time to prep the social work, as most employers now will research a candidate online, and you want good representation, not family shots from the last barbecue (however cute those could be). Take the time to make, mold, refine the image to utmost perfection. A little effort today will make all the difference tomorrow (or later today depending on the time-zone)

The world has changed, now we all seem to be socially engaged; and we must also be educators in what is acceptable in the new world. I'm not suggesting that setting accounts and image control is the best we could hope for; but for some of our clients, it really wouldn't hurt.

Socially speaking....Thats it for this week, will be accepting suggestions through Tim or Noel on what we should investigate next. I bid you a fine weekend and hope I left you "Something Social to Think About


The Daniel J. Smith

©2012 dancanwrite


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