Change Management Training – Is it What Your Business Doctor Ordered?

“Change is the only constant” and this holds true in all walks of life. It is a universally accepted adage but still, it is not unusual to see people being non-receptive to change. Organizations are full of people who resist change, and this is something that makes change management training a mandatory exercise.

People are constantly fighting their fears and many resist because of the fear of losing their jobs or salary cut-outs, or other reasons. It is imperative to address these in the best possible manner to have a happy and satisfied work force. A lot of businesses have begun holding these change management trainings that open up perspectives about the benefits and need for change. A good example is the one offered by Blanchard International. It is a well carved out model that takes into account all the major factors that play a role in change management.

There are different ways in which change management training could be designed. One could incorporate training, games, exercises, team exercises among other elements. It depends on the goals to be achieved through this change management training.

There are a few things to watch out for:

  • Take into account the attitudes and inputs from people resisting change.

  • Be tactful

  • Explain the necessity of change in a professional manner without being dictatorial

  • Be absolutely sure to make changes that only have a positive impact in the long run

  • Bring into play the influencer and negotiation skills

  • Strategize, plan and execute

  • Communicate change at the right time in the right manner

  • Have a B-Plan handy to manage any complications and challenges that might come your way.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to running a successful business. A key factor to having a good run is keeping the employees motivated, irrespective of the challenge at hand. And this is where change management training works in full effect. Hence, teaming up with companies like Blanchard International simply make good business sense. Let’s find out how!

The components of successful change management training are:

  • Identify the need and analyze the impact:

  • The main aim of impact analysis is identifying the negatives in your change model and how crucial a role could they play later on and what is the prospective damage that they could cause. These are important deliberations and demand time. It should not be s hasty decision. Expect the best but be prepared for the worst.

  • Take into account the various wings of the organization and what impact could the proposed change have on the functioning of each. Are there major human resource changes involved? How could you manage that? This involves a good amount of brainstorming. The context and the people impacted matter the most.

  • Send the right message:

  • After having deliberated, do not procrastinate. It is important to send out the message that you really want change to happen and it is in the best interest of everyone.

  • Be convinced because that is something that would convince others. Back up the conviction with factual analysis. This gives strength to the argument.

  • The vision for change is followed by a powerful communication of the same. This also prepares the people for something that would affect them all rather than a sudden jerk.

  • Management of the Stakeholders:

  • Employees are the assets of a firm. It is important to keep them satisfied and happy.

  • Change management training therefore focuses on management of stakeholders in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Winning support is the best probable outcome that is both desirable and beneficial.

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