Common Misconceptions about Recruiter’s Mind

A recruiter represents the face of the organization as far as quality manpower is considered with respect to best recruitment services. Imagine a candidate without proper qualifications or performance recruited into a company for a key role. If the company suffers because of the inability of the candidate, then it is not just the failure of the candidate but also the recruiter as well. However, given below are the common misconceptions about a recruiter’s mind.

  • Recruiters represent organizations and not candidates.

This is the biggest myth ever related to the work of a recruiter. Though there is hardly any truth in this conception that a recruiter looks after the interests of the organization alone, the responsibility of a recruiter is to standby a candidate as well in order to ensure that the performance is exceptional to the core.

  • Recruiters have a magic wand to get best resumes on their desk.

Perhaps, this is totally illogic as it might appear that the job of a recruiter is very easy. The actual fact is that a recruiter does a lot of research and exercise in the background to find the best candidate profiles. In fact, the process of recruiting as refined as resume writing as all qualifications of the candidate has to be taken into account before hiring. The entire process is very exhaustive as there are thousands of profiles that need to be checked into to get the eventual results.

  • Recruiters leave your CVs in the open market without permission

Imagine that you have applied for a key role in an organization by sending your CV and a couple of copies of them. If you are not selected for the desired job, then you might never bother about asking your CV back hoping for a future call. However, there are candidates who think that recruiters pass such CVs into the open job market. This situation never happens as recruiters known the value of each candidate.

  • All recruiters get paid same way and in bulk

It is not easy to recruit the right candidate for the top post. A lot of aspects have to be considered in detail in order to ensure that the best candidate has been chosen. Every recruiter owns certain kind of responsibility and gets paid on the basis of performance and experience as is the case with any other field. Earning maximum is possible only when the tasks assigned are accomplished with utmost perfection.

  • Recruiters are not responsive and behave rudely

Though it might appear exactly the same way, this is the biggest misconception that prevails among the minds of jobseekers for sure. However, the situation is totally opposite of what it is perceived in general. Perhaps, there are recruiters who are known to go through each and every CV carefully and respond to the query in an appropriate manner. Appearing politely is a part of the job of the recruitment. However, there could be slighter variations depending upon the personal mindset of each recruiter


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