Common mistakes to avoid in a Lunch Interview

Job interviews are usually associated with the long tense wait in a queue, especially if there are several interviewees. On entering the boardroom there are the panelist, who by taking one look, one can easily forget all the interview tips mastered for this special day. This is a scenario that does not exist in a lunch interview which by the way most people prefer over the formal interview set up. Though considered as the best choice for many, it is also the simple way of failing to land the job you have always wished for in that organization.

There are mistakes that are committed by most interviewees without them knowing or even if they are aware they may be overlooked simply because they are what they are used to in their normal lives. Despite the informal these forms of interviews are, it should be noted that they hold the key to a new firm.

The most important factors to consider

This interview is as important as that of the boardroom and it is therefore essential to take your time in learning more about the firm in order to not to be caught off guard. Be keen and attentive during the lunch time in order to give accurate answers as were mastered during the preparation time.

Do not be carried away with the thought that the interviewer will not be taking note of your behavioral change on ordering your favorite meal. This is one area that most interview mistakes arise from and which should be noted by all job applicants.

What to do on arriving at the lunch venue

This type of lunch should not be taken as the opportunity to eat what you have longed for in a very long time. Select the food which is easy to eat and that which you are comfortable with. Do not order a meal with a flashy name on the menu for you to look sophisticated and of class; you may end up in the washroom or the food may go back after eating two spoonfuls only. This may send wrong signals to the interviewer. Wait for the right time to try out new foods, when you are free to do anything.

In restaurants where people serve themselves, watch out on the amount of food you place on the plate. A heaped plate may portray some attitudes that are only known by you and your family. Just take a reasonable quantity that will keep you busy until the interviewer finishes his or her plate.

While seated at the table eating your lunch

It may not be so bad to anticipate that the interviewer may want to leave the venue immediately after lunch; it is therefore advisable to keep your right hand clean in readiness for the last hand shake. It may be a good idea to use the left hand in eating while the other one in holding the glass of water.

Try not to talk with the unfinished chewing process in your mouth. It is also advisable to avoid type of meals that are eaten using the fingers because one may be tempted to lick the sauce from the fingers.

Maintaining the posture while seated at the table will give you the confidence and concentration on the job interview questions shot at you.

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