Communication Toolbox for Recruiters: Mastering Business Correspondence

The way you express yourself in writing can not only show that you know how to avoid mistakes but also contribute to your career. This aspect is known to be often neglected y job recruiters because of a common belief that they need rather analytical and interpersonal communication skills to determine which candidate is the best for the job. However, having the ability to convey your own opinion in a clear and concise manner will benefit you regardless of the career choice because written communication with partners, colleagues, and other people depends on your ability to write. The perception of the person’s intelligence can be shaped by frequent mistakes in writing, so taking the time to invest some effort into this skill is important.

One of the best ways to improve business correspondence skills is to use online tools. We have gathered a list of 10 great ones for you.

1. Hemingway Editor

This is without a doubt one of the best and widely used tools for improving writing, period. It is simple, effective, and functional because of the design of the app, which is essentially a writing environment. Those recruiters who wish to improve their business writing skills can benefit from this tool because it thoroughly checks the text that needs to be inserted into the editing window and highlights mistakes, proposes better word choices, and identifies difficult sentences and does many other things.

2. The Writer’s Diet

The tool uses an unusual and fun approach to teaching the writing excellence. It can be considered as a personal trainer because it “makes the diagnosis” for the text that you insert into the window. By identifying what could be changed, the tool assesses the text according to a scale that starts with lean and ends with a heart attack.

3. Platzi Course

Sometimes the best method to learn business writing is to take a course. This one has been developed by Platzi, a reputable name in the world of educating. It includes some important areas, such as effective introductions, common mistakes, understanding context, creating business emails, and many others. The course is taught by professional educators with lots of experience, which is another advantage of choosing this option.

4. Aussiewriter

Another reputable company in the world of business writing, Aussiewriter, has professionals that can help with composing business letters, emails, resumes, reports, and other pieces. It is known for not only helping with producing great pieces but also giving advice to the clients about specific methods and approaches related to business writing.

5. Email Excellence

This is a consulting company of consultants with years of experience in large business organizations that invites you to take on the training on writing business-related email texts. What is really great about this option is that the training is based on your needs and divided into three categories, including individuals, business owners, and training managers.

6. Writing Skills blog

Fleep’s site has an incredible blog that could be a really good tool for those who are looking to improve business writing skills. It is constantly updated with excellent tips and strategies for transforming everything you write into great pieces of business writing. You can use this tool to be your go-to source for daily training.

7. Business Writing Center Tests

Are you ready to test your business writing skills? This site provides a great selection of tests, including Most Common Errors Test, Commonly Misspelled Words, Active-Passive Voice test, Commas Use test, and Confusing Word Pairs test. Use these tests to improve in the respective areas of writing and identify your weaknesses to work on them in the future.

8. Assessment Tool from Berry Group

This free assessment tool provides you with a number of questions with possible answers about business writing. For example, you can learn what phrases should and should not be used in the opening parts of the business letter or an email and many other things. This assessment can really advance your skills in writing by providing you with appropriate phrases for starting and ending the letters as well making inquiries and responding to others.

9. Business Writing Section at English Grammar

English Grammar is a site dedicated to educating visitors about a proper use of English language. It has an entire section about business writing, where you can find tips, basic information, writing guides, online tools, and other resources. If English is not your native language, this tool can be incredibly helpful because it targets visitors who learn its business use.

10. Writing Help Central

In addition to being a great resource on business writing tips, this site contains an impressive selection of sample business letters, including the letter of apology, congratulations letter, appreciation letters, thank you letter, reference letter, business evaluation letter, and many more others. You can easily use these examples for your own letters to ensure professional style and structure.

Up to you

Business writing needs to follow specific rules to be considered professional. Use these tools to ensure that your business correspondence is clean, appropriate, and concise.

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