As the head of operations for a systems integrator, communications in all its forms are key to the most challenging obstacles we face daily.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and watch first hand great communicators, professionals capable of bringing together all groups and sides to a common goal and objective.  In the same, I have seen the reverse and watched a great deal of people fail due to poor communication whether by email, phone, conference call, or in person.  No matter the forum, communications must be managed and then presented in a way that brings the total audience that will your message into alignment.  The next few posts will describe and discuss communication skills that will assist in all areas of the workplace.


The key to being able to communicate is to understand your audience.  Without this, all communications will fail as the words spoken or letters written will address or not relate to the reader.  This in turn births the downward spiral where some managers find themselves on projects, negotiations, etc that can never be undone.  When someone receives a message that does not relate to them, they you are not listening or just made assumptions - all poor characteristics of a great communicator.  We must uncover the audience and remove the invisible wall that separates the parties so that you can understand them and they understand you.  From that point, the true process of communications begins.  It allows for people to speak openly, without fear, and most importantly they know they are being heard.


Communications is a lifelong event that crosses all boundaries, work and personal.  When you understand this, the best communicators begin investing in the skills to become effective and strengthen their position.  This is no short path, nor easily done.  Most people do not invest in this area at all, then some do it half way, but the best spend each and every opportunity to create value and improve their ability to communicate.  These professionals are your leading CEOs, the best managers, the mentors of today.  If you want to continue to move your career forward, impress your client, or bring disputing parties together - learn to communicate.  Make it your mission and you will see the results with even the smallest improvements.

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