Considering Sports As A Career? Here Are Some Choices And Relevant Expenses!

Considering a career in sports for your child? Well, before we take our conversation to another level, let me just appreciate your level of thought. That truly needs a round of applause! Hardly any parents change their path of thinking when it comes to children’s upbringing. Few could think that academics and sport can go hand-in-hand.

Thus, since you are considering sport as your child’s career, you need to take a dig at a lot of factors. Sport is of course not like academics – e.g. to undergo a universally designed syllabus before heading towards high school. The selection of ‘type of sport’ must be made right with your decision to take sport. Suggestions – table tennis table, soccer, baseball, rugby, basketball or the ones designed only for elite. No matter which sport you select for your little one, make sure you can manage your work well so as to be with him at the courts while he practices and be his courage when he falls.

The matter with sport is it needs commitment, which must be there in your kid right from the Day 1. Unless your child finds himself so much into it, success would always remain a tale of faraway land. This is why, before you start pushing him harder, make sure he is loving it, everything else would easily lay on the way.

What comes next is your financial stability. Sports cost you more than academics (letting you know in case you’re in any delusion). Be it soccer or rugby, you need to spend a lot on training, sport accessories, traveling to participate in interstate events and to name a few more. Other than these commonly played sports, there are a few more you can take into account. For instance – Polo, Sailing, Wingsuiting, Hot Air Balloon Racing, Ski, Sky diving and the like. But, these sports are said to have designed only for elites and have potential to empty your pockets. However, on the other hand, these elite sports can also fetch money double than your expense along with worldwide acknowledgment.

Let me name a few more sports of such kind -

Equestrian -

The name holds royalty in it! It is a sport which requires you to ride, drive and steeplechase horses. Horse riding is what every kid dreams of, but equestrian is accessible to only the privileged ones. To let your kid make the most of this sport is going to cost you $250,000 a year and that’s too excluding the price of horse purchase. So, you got to save more than just a lot for training and horse maintenance.

Formula 1

The way watching this sport amazes you, similarly it costs you an arm and a leg to train in. Formula 1 is known to be one of the most expensive sports on earth. It’s betting prices are just making some rise from rags to riches. The zenith of motor racing is said to be Formula 1 and to get trained on it, one needs to own one's car (which itself is costlier than say, owning an entire basketball court). Besides, the sport demands for an expensive medical insurance to cover not only an ankle sprain, but something rarely witnessed.


Bobsledding is even more expensive than Formula 1. It costs some riches million of Dollars only to train and the cost of owning a bobsled simply crosses every possible estimation. Apart from training, those who take interest in participations, need big corporate sponsorships too. It’s a matter of lot of bucks other than skills.

The Whitianga Festival Of Sports

This is considered to be the most expensive sport event on earth. The annual event of this sport is held in New Zealand. This event engages helicopter racing, offshore powerboat racing, jet ski racing, car vs helicopter racing and parachute swooping amongst a few more. For you to participate in this event, you need to own each of these following equipment in the first place – a helicopter, a powerboat, racing car, a parachute and the like. Second of all, you need religious training in each sport, which itself is a matter of million dollars.

Hence, if you are fond of such elite sports and want your kid to succeed in any of them, make sure you do not run out of your bank balance in the process.

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