Corporate Recruitment: Really Just a Superhero Search?

What better way to spend a weekend than by thinking about your corporate recruitment strategy?

For those of you now rolling your eyes, roll them back this way and press play:

The Green Dot, a Deloitte Film Festival finalist sneaks more corporate recruitment tips into two and one half entertaining minutes than most highly paid advisors can eek out in a 90
minute presentation.

For example:

  • Jargon & Acronyms Are The Language Of The Bluff
    Virtually anyone can used jargon and acronyms in a way that sounds persuasive. Don’t be fooled by a recruit who sounds convincing because
    they talk the talk – make them prove they walk the walk. Anyone can say
    they helped ‘integrate synergy’ – but proving results is a true
  • Team Work Is Undervalued…Ensure It Is Not Underused By Your Recruit
    Does your recruit instantly take all the credit for past accomplishments, or is he quick to point out the virtue of the teams
    that have supported him in the past? While you want your recruit to be
    confident enough to share past successes, there is a fine line between a
    confident force and a cocky distraction. Quiz your recruit on the
    results he or she helped past team members achieve, rather their own
    results, to ensure this virtue is in place.
  • Adaptability Is Key
    Recruiting, by its very nature, will change a small part of the world. After all, you are bringing in a new force to a new environment. Can
    your recruit quickly adapt to any new world, as our superhero does when
    he realizes he has chosen a superhero outfit on Hawaiian day?
  • Selfless Nature Supersedes Strive For Stardom
    The road to glory is very rarely fueled solely by the strive for stardom. (And those that have used this fuel on their path will
    oftentimes be those who flame out quickly once reaching the top.) You
    are looking for a recruit selfless enough to know that the success of
    the team and the company is the ultimate goal. Look for a recruit with
    the rare super power of selflessness.
  • Superheroes Enjoy What They Do
    Some recruits will say nearly anything to secure a position. Much like a bargain shopper dumping a favorite store for a lower price,
    these recruits will easily be swayed away from a new job by the next
    ’something better’ that comes along. Your ideal recruit will fit into
    their new role like a superhero fits into a cape. Really question your
    recruit to determine if they are a fit for this position. Will they
    take to it like a superhero takes to the open sky, or will they
    distracted by the next fluffy cloud?

Consider these lessons and the idea of a “superhero search” to improve your human resources strategy.

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