Create a Better Employee Workplace with These Simple Ideas

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It is imperative that a business’ work environment be made positive and dynamic as much as possible. Whether it is a large-scale or a small-scale company, having inspired, industrious and ingenious employees is a big factor in achieving success.

Ensuring that your employees are happy will get you a pool of people who are driven to go the extra mile, not just because they have to, but they want to. It also benefits the business as your personnel are more likely to stay.

As a result, you get to do away with costly turnovers.  

So, how do we improve our workplace and, in turn, encourage employee engagement?

Here are six simple ideas of creating a productive work environment which can ultimately contribute to the overall success of your company.

1. Provide a clean and comfortable space.

This is very self-explanatory. Who doesn’t want to work in an area that is clean, attractive and comfortable?

Continually exert an effort in providing your valued employees a great and relaxing workspace. Supply them with comfortable furniture, good lighting, functional facilities, and operational equipment. This greatly minimizes workplace induced stress or sickness.

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Also, as it may be possible, allow your employees to choose where they prefer to work at. Whether they opt to finish their reports in their respective cubicles or in the mess hall, this shouldn’t become an issue. Besides, what is more important is that you get your desired outcomes.

Studies show that a good working environment ensures employee job satisfaction. And, having satisfied employees will guarantee better work results.

2. Provide flexible working hours as a reward to performing employees.

Everyone has his or her own preferred work schedules. But, we have been accustomed to the traditional 8-hour work day through Monday-to-Friday.

Although some people are able to work well during that nine-to-five, others also work better later in the day and would likely prefer to start and end at a later time. A few might also have other important responsibilities and would rather work for longer hours to get fewer days.

Companies must be sensitive to their employees’ schedule preferences and must try to consider flexi-time schemes or implement compressed workweeks. This could be given through a reward system. Meaning – only those who perform well are entitled to this kind of arrangement.

This is just one of the many ways employers can do to build a compassionate and thriving workplace culture which can subsequently help their staff attain work-life balance. This, in turn, can also be beneficial to the employer as they get a competitive advantage in retaining top talents – just a classic win-win situation.

3. Foster a culture of mutual respect.

A core value that every organization should have is mutual respect and civility. Of course, this is easier said than done, but a starting point is to simply promote this value. Leadership starts at the top and therefore, company leaders should play a critical role in upholding mutual respect to the workforce.

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Regularly discuss the value of mutual respect at meetings, conferences or company activities. Also, organize activities that promote respect and camaraderie. Clear rules for conduct must be developed and all employees must be expected to abide in good work behavior and provide consistent respect.

4. Provide transparency.

Employees report higher job satisfaction and are more likely to stay at a job when they feel listened to and appreciated. One way to do this is to ensure genuine transparency between managers and workers.

Conflicts often surface when employees feel left out of the loop or like they are merely indentured laborers. Make it known that you are always available for questions, comments, and concerns. Keeping your door open to everyone will build loyalty and encourage friendly communication.

5. Promote regular team-building activities.

Successful businesses build effective teams that work collaboratively. Their employees have come to believe and love the company they are at and are committed to accomplish their organization’s purpose.

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Now, to obtain that shared sense of purpose, it is important to focus on ways to build it. Consider involving all your employees in team-building activities that could empower them, raise their morale and encourage bonding.

Also, include them in important company decisions, be it a small one like creation of a company website, or a significant effort like budgeting cash flow or writing an annual business report. This offers the opportunity for everyone to realize that they belong and are important to the company.

6. Use collaborative language

The manner that you use in providing staff directions goes a long way towards gaining your employees support and promoting a healthy workplace.

The tone of your voice, your word choice and body language have a big effect on how your staff will perceive what you’re saying and their role in the work. So, choose a respectful tone of voice, polite words and deliver your message with the appropriate volume.

Using a collaborative language will contribute to a good working environment. And, having a good environment will ignite employee engagement, build trust and drive desirable outcomes.


In any organization, your workforce is the most significant resource. This puts success in their hands.

Therefore, creating a healthy workplace environment must not be deemed difficult or costly. Take care of your employees and address any workplace problems or concerns as soon as possible and regularly ask for feedback and suggestions on how to improve your work environment.

This will improve your employee’s productivity, maintain their fitness to work and promote job satisfaction. Following these simple ideas will also greatly benefit businesses as they get to reduce costs related to workers’ compensation, absenteeism, and turnover.

So, hurry and build a healthy working environment and reap out that juicy success!

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