Dear Employer, Thanks for the offer - but I don't want to be your "first"......

Dear Employer,

Thank you for the consideration you have given me. I can only imagine the amount of effort you have put into saving yourself for someone special in my field. I know there are many recruiters who have come along giving you more than a few reasons to not trust any of us. So again - thank you for seeing something in my and giving me the opportunity to be your "first" recruiter.

Unfortunately I can not accept that responsibility. Over the years I have had chances to be that "special one" for several other firms who had also been "holding out" for a recruiter who is knowledgeable, understanding, professional, trustworth and honorable.

Each and every time - though my heart has urged me to pass - I have accepted the opening it has never turned out good for me.

While it is refreshing to think my approach and presentation have made you consider using my services I only have to look back at the recent past to be refreshed with a few facts:

Most likely the powers that be with your company see my fees as "entirely too much for just sending a resume". Or it may just be that once I've spent considerable effort to identify a great fit - someone in your HR department will miraculously uncover that very candidate in "the database" and thusly exlude me from being considered. It could even go so far as to have my candidate and me believing an offer is forthcoming - to then be followed with nothing but silence for days upon days - until we learn that "an internal candidate was promoted" or you've "found someone on your own".......

Either way I must say thanks, but no thanks. I simply am not interested in being your first.

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Comment by Steve Levy on October 29, 2008 at 8:05am
I think I know the problem here Jerry, so many on the corp side - and I've been there - are really hiring virgins; the thought of using someone from the outside causes them great emotional pain and discomfort.

Read the link and ask yourself, if the concept was losing your virginity with a recruiter would the advice be the same?

This is what happens when a recruiter drinks decaf in the morning...
Comment by Jerry Albright on October 29, 2008 at 8:11am
I was hoping someone would catch my theme there Steve. You're right on the money. I have neither the time nor the patience to be the first recruiter. I'm also not quite as "gentle" as I use to be - professionally speaking that is.
Comment by Steve Levy on October 29, 2008 at 8:21am
To continue the metaphor, the other side of the coin is replete with brutes who make working with agency recruiters truly uncomfortable. These folks need to be reprogrammed too...


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