Death by Résumé – 3 Ways to Get Screened Out Before Your Ink Dries

When was the last time you really sat down and looked at you résumé? Remember finding a misspelled word or typo after having hit the "send" button - no turning back now. It can't really matter that much, can it? Well that depends, do you really want to be considered for the position...because you just made it easier to screen you out. Yes, that's right that little document is that important. Of course I respect that networks make the world go round and it's all about who you know, and who knows you. Though, unless you are Oprah (or Rebecca B. Sargeant – Oprah for Recruiters J) it is likely one day you will be vying for a role with an organization where no one knows your name and they don't care who you are...well until you make them care that is, and the first step is your résumé.

Death by Résumé – 3 Ways to Get Screened Out Before Your Ink Dries

1. Errors

Before you even think of hitting the send button or dropping that résumé in the mail or at the front desk...go over it with a magnifying glass! No errors are left behind, send them packing they don’t belong in your résumé.

2. Novels

If recruiters and employers wanted to read a novel they would buy one from Chapters or go to the library. Unless the material is related to why you’re the best at what I am looking for – I DON’T CARE so leave it out. The “add it to fill in space or show my personal side” technique is passé.

3. Metrics

Nothing brings your résumé closer to the shredder or recycling box than a lack of metrics. As a wise actor once said, SHOW ME THE METRICS! (Well, Jerry Maguire really meant to say this vs. show me the moneyJ)

Make is count, become friends with your résumé and it will become one of your best branding buddies!

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