Here we are, another Monday – looking forward to a great week!

I thought I would take this opportunity to change course a little and share some of the best pieces of management and business advice I have learned over the years. Some might be simple or obvious BUT in one way or another, they have all changed the way I think and do things or at the end of the day shape who I am today.

1. No One is talking about you! If you are thinking about yourself, wondering what everyone else is saying about you then the same must be true of everyone else. They are thinking of themselves too!

2. Bullies win in the short-term but always get what they deserve in life and business. Hard work and honesty are not the quickest route to the top but the certainly the most lasting!
3. You can prove them wrong or you can prove them right! These are the only 2 ways to take criticism and challenges. Will you prove them right or wrong!
4. The more you profess to know the greater your chance of being wrong. You have one mouth and two ears, so… well you should be able to figure out the rest.
5. If you are sick and can’t get to work, the place where you work won’t burn down or cease to exist – seriously. Stay home get well and most importantly don’t contaminate anyone else.
6. If a decision is too easy – it’s probably wrong! Often the right decision take effort, make you
uncomfortable and take you out of your comfort zone. If your butt is firmly placed on “the fence,” it’s time to make decisions that matter rather than waiting and seeing what happens.
7. Be accountable. Quit with the excused already. If things keep happening to you it is not the universe conspiring against you – it is YOU!
8. Look at the Good stuff. Life is to short to be negative all the time. So often we hear that is really good, BUT. Or my personal favorite, “I’m just being realistic.” No, your being pessimistic! Realistically – good things happen too!

You may find value in these or you may be a little nauseous right now, either way you have my “deep thoughts” for the day.

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