Diet & Exercise to Optimize Talent Acquisition

Much like consistent diet and exercise is a process we follow to help us stay fit, so too is the talent acquisition optimization process. When we set out to optimize our talent acquisition technology and process, we must implement consistent procedures to make certain the system and activities function as effectively and efficiently as possible. But how do we know if our talent acquisition needs a dose of “diet and exercise,” and better yet, how do we begin? Maybe it’s obvious that it’s not as healthy and fit as it once was – or perhaps like many of us – it was never actually that fit, but just seemed to have retained “the body it was born with.” In any case, much like our bodies change– often becoming higher maintenance and more injury-prone – over time, our talent acquisition process and systems can become sluggish, less agile, and suffer from years of workarounds.

While implementing a diet and exercise plan is the framework needed to help us get back in shape, the real goal is to take a new approach to eating that will satisfy our daily nutritional requirements at minimum cost and calories and to engage in activities that burn off the calories we consume as quickly and efficiently as possible. In similar fashion, we should create a framework to ensure that our talent acquisition systems take in the minimum amount of data required to satisfy both organizational and compliance requirements and design related processes and activities for minimum cost and effort in order to maintain top performance and provide a pleasant experience.

Here are 3 steps to get your talent acquisition process and systems back in shape:

1) Get on the Scale. Weigh-in and even take a “picture” of your current talent acquisition process and systems and assess what you see. Keep in mind that you should evaluate: where you are, how you got to that point and what worked well (or didn’t). Document your current state processes, workflows, work activities, inputs and outputs, including communications and roles and responsibilities. Gather first-hand insights and input from a diverse and representative group of recruiters and sourcers in order to develop a comprehensive view of the current state.

2) Set Health and Fitness Goals. Identify where you want to go. Leverage the information gained through the assessment to identify your goal “weight” and what you need to do to get there. Consult your team and identify best practices for recruiting process workflows, the technology platforms, key decisions and strategic direction. Develop a detailed future state process focused on the resources, activities, workflows, systems integration, transactional data model and user roles associated with the optimized talent acquisition plan. Identify requirements and conduct fit/gap analysis to build out functional and technical requirements for the technology that will support the optimized future state process.

3) Get in Motion. Once you have defined the optimized end-state talent acquisition process model and identified the technology changes needed to drive greater efficiency and accountability and improve overall experience, it’s time to start your diet and exercise plan. Make the process changes, reconfigure the systems, all the while driving effective change management.

Needless to say, we are all likely to feel healthier overall when we eat right and exercise regularly, but getting started and staying the course is easier said than done. If this seems too challenging, it’s wise to consider hiring a “nutritionist” or “personal trainer,” who has helped a multitude of others reach their fitness goals. The same holds true for renovating your talent acquisition systems and processes. In the end, undertaking an optimization effort can help keep you and your team members stay motivated, and help your organization feel healthier overall.

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