Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business In 2020

As we enter the new decade, the digital marketing trends of old are slowly being replaced with new ones. Not to say that they should be forgotten and neglected, it is just that the globalized market we find ourselves in today is becoming ever more saturated and competitive. It is the perfect time to take a look at the newest trends in digital marketing, study them and make them work in your favour. Artificial intelligence, mobile tendencies and the dropping prices of website hosting and using the internet, in general, will definitively mark this decade. The main issues with digital marketing are that some businesses are underestimating their value and are under allocating their resources towards it, be it time, effort or money. While most of the other modern companies have realized the potential of the online market and are investing heavily in advertising across search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important because consumer interests and behaviours are hard to predict. Here are some pointers on how to improve your digital marketing efforts for this decade. 

A wider picture with the global audience

Most businesses will focus solely on a local audience which is perfectly intuitive, especially if the company in question is in its infancy. Looking for an audience in the relative vicinity where the business is located is a great way of getting started. The thing is, you are probably thinking way too small. Streaming platforms like YouTube tend to converge viewers in such a way that more than half of them are outside of the area the producer is. This means great potential for online retail business industry. The vast majority of the global population has unprecedented access to broadband internet and devices to access it from. It is a very good idea to put in the work for creating content that is beneficial for a more global audience. Do not limit yourself to any particular region. Use examples of other industry giants for reference if you do not know where to start. Make references to major world events like world championships or charity funds to make a connection with your brand. 

Influencer leveraging

Influencer marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon. Social media and video streaming platforms with a massive number of independent content creators are being leveraged by companies for some time now. The only thing that is changing, or better put, maturing, is the choice over the kinds of influencers they need to work with. Moving into the next decade, try and focus your efforts on finding more options for working with different but relevant influencers that have a large reach. Find the right influencer to spread your message and you will experience great results. 


This decade will be the time when artificial intelligence will experience its greatest advancements to date. What once was the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters is quickly becoming reality. The use case scenarios for what are essentially smart machines is much wider than what modern movies have shown us. This technology will be at the hearing of the global business and industry. The main difference it will make is the slow but unavoidable replacement of simple and menial jobs. For better or worse, this is a trend that is only starting to make ground. There are plenty of reasons why organizations are adopting AI. It grants the user a substantial competitive advantage over the competition. And that is the main motivator behind which there are plenty of subcategories we can single out. It allows us to enter new markets much more easily, AI will be entering the consumer market more and more, etc. One of the ways sit is being used today is analyzing consumer behaviour and search patterns. This includes data from social media platforms. The main goal is for organizations to understand in great detail how customers come about the desired products and services. The sooner you adopt AI, the sooner your SEO endeavours in Perth can start evolving. 

Voice search

Voice search queries are also on the rise. The general idea of being hands-free, not looking down at your device and taking up valuable palm space that can be used for doing something else is very attractive to consumers. There are plenty of Homes that have some sort of a smart speaker, a hub if you will, that is listening for different scripted inquiries. Voice search ties into our previous topic seamlessly as it is an integral part. The number of errors made by the world’s most popular voice assistants has dropped dramatically from their beginner days. Companies are also producing content in audio form to promote brand awareness. Be it a podcast, sponsorship or an advertisement, it is a great non-intrusive way of getting your message across. Optimize your content for the audio experience, be it voice search or audio content, as every business will by tapping into this market. 

Technology and digital marketing are evolving hand in hand and very rapidly at that. Modern marketer professionals are not dropping the old ways altogether, but are shifting their focus on new paradigms. To be able to stay relevant and be seen, you and your business need to keep in tow. A product or service can only be presented and ultimately sold to a customer through a story. A convincing, believable and honest one. Make your message an engaging one and thrill your customers for them to keep coming back. 

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