Diluting The Employer Brand: How Your Company Can Avoid This Strategic Misstep

In my last blog, I talked about the critical importance of employer branding. Let’s talk about diluting the employer brand, and how fast you can go down this slippery slope.

Clients were lulled into thinking they didn’t need to maintain their employer brand while the economy was tanking. Wrong. The days of shopping for talent are coming to a close for corporate America. People are actually receiving multiple job offers. Have you thought about your employer brand? Do you have jobs that are open for more than 90 days or on hold? Word gets out on street that your company is not serious about dealing with candidates.

The Path Toward Diluting Your Employer Brand
  • Seeing too many people
  • Not appearing to care about or value talent
  • No knowing the qualities/experience/skills that you want
  • Lack of clarity in job description
  • Lack of urgency in filling job (sends signal this is not an important position)
  • Not making a decision
  • Lack of integrity in recruitment process

No one wants to take a job where they perceive they are destined to fail or be back on the street in 6 months. You make a bad situation worse when you put someone in position of having to explain a short-term position on a resume. Alternatively, if you keep candidates hanging for months to make a decision, you deny them the opportunity of taking another job that may not be as appealing as yours, but that is real. Rumors start when it appears your company lacks focus. When you send a bad message in job marketing, the word goes viral among the employee community and the business community at large.

Steps to Protect Your Employer Brand

  • Pull the trigger to start the process when you are truly ready
  • Be serious about filling a position
  • Set a goal of 4 months for hiring
  • Have clarity in every aspect of the process: with the management team, interview schedules, follow-up call schedules, negotiations, references and background checks, making the offer
  • How are you protecting your employer brand? What are you doing to make sure it doesn’t get diluted? I’d love to hear the steps you are taking.

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Comment by Tiger Patrick on September 15, 2010 at 8:44am
Amen to this!


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