Do you deserve a Salary Increase? Learn how to get the Salary Raise!

Do any of these situations apply to your current job? You've been with your company for an appreciable time, worked diligently and devotedly, constantly met your targets, and have been entrenched in the same pay bracket throughout. If you've answered in the affirmative to all of these, then you truly deserve a salary increment and it’s perfectly natural to covet one too. However, approaching and convincing the management are daunting tasks - you will need to act cleverly and promptly. Presenting the top recommendations to get the raise you rightly merit:

Know Your Pay Structure

Before you broach a salary increase, you must be well informed about the pay structure of your company and the relevant industry. This knowledge will assist in asking for the correct increment without aggravating your superiors. Data such as the average increase demanded by your peers and the current salary of a recently promoted co-worker will prove useful. Prudence also dictates that you speak with employees of other enterprises, examine online salary guides, and perhaps consult human resource experts to help determine your proposed raise amount. 

Pick the Appropriate Moment

Selecting the right time to apprise the management is crucial. There are two contrasting but pertinent tactics in this regard. The first one is entails asking right away, without waiting for any event or occasion. This tactic is founded on the principals that you must seize any opportunity before it vanishes and that it's futile to wait any longer. It definitely pays  to execute this approach if you share a good rapport with your superior and if the co-workers have been successful in such endeavors.
The second strategy is to either ask for a raise during the periodic appraisal or when your boss praises you on a current assignment. Obviously these are times when the management will be most responsive to your expectation and needs.

Have the Right Interaction  

Wise communication with the management is vital for fruitful increment negotiation. Pointers in this
  • Adopt a normal and genial tone sans aggression.
  • Center the discussion solely on your formal role shunning extraneous and overtly individualistic facets.
  •  Preface the exact demand by mentioning your success in your current position and that you’re ready to expand your job purview.
  • Manifest the worth you bring to the company by keeping facts and figures ready.
  • Allow your superior sufficient time to reply. 

Argue Convincingly     

If your superior immediately declines your request or is non-committal, you should be ready with
persuasive arguments to forward your case. You ought to query exactly why your request is being
denied and ask what you can immediately do to garner the raise.  

 Follow-Up Aptly   


In all else fails, you should try to negotiate a temporary midway solution and inquire what can be done to secure higher future increments. Be sure to thank the management for their consideration and to continually pursue your demand henceforth.
The above ways can surely help you garner your salary raise!

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