Does your Business need a recruiter?

When we hear about a company hiring a recruiter; someone who would hire or employ people for job openings in your business, the right man for the job would be one with an intellect, who knows how to deal with people, is familiar with your company's demands and how your business works ie. your business' budget, work environment, company culture, department need, has salesmanship and negotiating skills and most of all, is resourceful.

Whether or not you need to 'hire' a man of such caliber and obvious importance depends on how your business is run. Multinational companies all around the world hire recruiters to manage their recruiting process. The recruiter is working to employ different people for a number of jobs at the same time. He is responsible of gathering candidates, mind the right candidates for a job opening in a department, contact them, go through a series of interviews with them depending upon the job requirement, short list them, and choose the best among them by assessing them on different levels and in the end, proposing the chosen ones an employment in your company- providing them with a job description and negotiating on their payrolls...

Why your business needs a recruiter is because he is responsible for making your Business a better place- by employing the people who would help you run your business more efficiently. A business, any business cannot compromise on the quality of candidates they offer jobs to. The recruits have to be competent and among the very best. Bringing the best for any job is the recruiter's job.

However, for a small business where less jobs are being offered each year (what with the size of the business and the recession), a recruiter sounds extravagant and your business would want to do without one. Having said that, you don't want to compromise on the quality of people you are giving jobs to in your Business. You also need someone to manage the overflow of applications coming in for a job opening, organize them and shortlist according to your wishes. The best deal, both economic and effective seems to be employing people online.

An automated application tracking system would deal with all the applications coming in, categorize them according to a criteria you define, and would make it easy to cut the number down to a chosen few you could call for an interview later. In this way, you are doing only the negotiating and communicating part of the recruiter's job while the online system deals with all the rest. Since, everything is on the internet, the communication and shortlisting is fast and you are able to skim through all the applications which fit your job requirement in no time. The application data is also saved for you if you want to refer back to it in the future. Through integrated email facilities in the system and a job board which features the available jobs for applicants, you are practically doing all the recruiting on your own.
For more information on this, shall I say, 'online' recruiter, visit Simplicant, an applicant tracking system
which is simple enough for any of your managers to navigate through and could serve the dual purpose of hiring the best candidates on your demand while saving costs of hiring a third person to employ people for your Business.

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