This week I had a conversation with a colleague about how essential crisp well-positioned communication is in business, how much effort it takes, and how rare it is. Later, I had a twitter interaction about new graduates trying to get traction in job searches and how important it is for them to show a human side instead of just being a cover page template. These conversations got me thinking more than usual about communication, and I ponder it in one way or another almost constantly.

Do you know what I spend most of my time doing all day?  Writing emails and chats to get people to focus their attention and act in ways I would like them to.

I am not just talking about sourcing candidates. Yes, I spend hours crafting emails that make candidates want to talk to me, instead of the other 400 people who sent them emails. I search for hidden methods of communication and I send out a series of messages designed to earn candidate attention and the opportunity to speak to them in real time.  I have to prove my competence, credibility, and worth all day long.

But even when communicating with folks with whom I have an established relationship there is a knack to getting the results I need through emails and text. It is getting harder.

Our minds race in many directions constantly. Getting things done has never been easy, but today we communicate through a gajillion more vectors and most of them are instant! and provide immediate! feedback! Sometimes I get sick of all the little red blinking things on my phone. But the shot of dopamine feels so, so, good, doesn’t it? Mmmm.

I am resigned to the fact that I stalk people professionally.  The times I get what I need in one call or email are rare. Gifts, really. Not business as usual. The better I communicate the more success I will have. The phone used to be my focus, but then email started to take over and then chat and mobile and now holy hell sometimes I talk with hiring managers on Facebook and I want to stab myself in the eyeball. But if I want something from someone, I must do the heavy lifting to increase my odds of getting it.

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Comment by Nicholas Meyler on January 20, 2015 at 2:56am

Verbum sapientiae ("word to the wise"):  Recruiters are not stalkers.  Rather, we are persistent and aggressive interlocutors attempting to purvey and share our philosophical ideologies (and that of our Clients) in such a fashion that we change or confirm the opinion of our candidates about the virtues (or lack, thereof) of changing jobs to a clients' company.

Moreover, sending beautifully crafted Haiku to candidates about job opportunities is not 'stalking'.  

What is this stuff about 'dopamine' you are writing about? Whatever happened to seratonin or adrenaline?  I'm a seratonin fan, myself...  but oxytocin is pretty cool, too.


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