"Eat with us before we starve" or High Value vs Low Value Social Networking

Once in a while I have seen signs in front of restaurants that state some variety of "eat with us before we starve". Normally it is the type of place that buys a cake from Costco and resells the pieces. 

I am guessing (and hoping) it is a lame attempt at humor but always found it to be a bit unappealing. Their business being slow (and possibly going away) was not my issue. 

This makes me think of high value vs low value use of social networking to get a job.

Your network is far and away the best source of finding a job and social networks (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and some other one I cannot remember) is a great way to quickly leverage your network but you want to demonstrate value rather need.

Here are some ways to show value

1) Be clear about what you are looking for. So many times people reach out to me because they know I am a recruiter with only a vague sense of what they want which makes it very difficult to assist.

High Value example: I am looking for an enterprise software sales position in Northern Virginia (link to resume or linkedin profile)
Low Value: I need a job! (No further information provided)

2) Jobs and the job/interview process is frustrating. Kind of wish the sorting hat in Harry Potter was real. On some level expressing frustration can be cathartic but it can make people perceive that you are always having issues on the job or blowing interviews so save it for friends, not a broadcast message to someone that could recommend you. Before you post frustrations, think about how it can be perceived.

3) Share expertise rather than your need for a job. Sharing information demonstrates value and could expose you to recruiters or hiring managers. Contribute to online forums. Blog about an area of interest. Volunteer or create an event where people could connect.

In regards to social network, demonstrate value not need.

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Comment by Amy Ala Miller on July 25, 2011 at 3:32pm
Right on Marcus!  Especially point 1... I get a lot of people who "just want a job".  It really puts a lot of pressure on me to figure out how in the heck I can help, which makes me completely unhelpful, even though I may have the best of intentions.  A lot of time I just don't even bother to respond (which I feel bad about), because I literally have NO IDEA what to say.  Maybe I can just start saying "Great!  I want to help you get one!"  lol


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