A lot of companies - especially small businesses - often have a difficult time finding the most qualified candidate for a position, and even when they do get someone for the role, the new employee isn't always the right fit. Setbacks like that end up costing the company time and money in more than one way, which is why many firms are now opting to use staffing agencies to oversee their hiring process to ensure getting the best person/people for the job.

Anyone who's done it knows just how long, expensive and exhausting the hiring process can be, especially when filling out an IT staff. These jobs are specialized and require the correct mix of skills and education. With the professional assistance of an IT staffing agency, you can suddenly clear your schedule and head to focus on other things.

There are many reasons why businesses want to work with a staffing agency, and below are the top five of why it may be the best option for you:

1) It saves time

According to a Glassdoor report, it takes an average of 23 days to complete the tasks of writing a proper job description, sifting through potential candidate résumés, conducting interviews, and finally getting a new employee onto the team. The entire procedure is like a full-time job in itself, but when you actually have a job that needs your attention as well, the process can take much longer.

The fact that it's so time-consuming makes it something a lot of people want to put off until later, but the truth is the hiring process can't be avoided for long if you need another employee. The good news is that staffing agencies can do all the work of searching and assessment without requiring your time, the end result being highly qualified candidates.

2) Getting the cream of the crop

If you want an expert in finding the best of the best, then staffing agencies are for your company. These agencies know what to look for and how, are up to date on job requirements and skills, and understand your industry, meaning that they can find someone you likely wouldn't have been able to on your own.

Staffing agencies also know how to interpret a résumé, what to ask a potential candidate in an interview, and what to look for when deciding if the candidate is a match.

3) Saving money

Although around 70% of business owners think that a staffing agency is too expensive, says a survey from Monster, having one on hand can actually save you money in the long term. Imagine the amount of time, money, and manpower that is necessary to invest when seeking a candidate, assuming the one you hire works well with the team, and then compare those costs to a staffing agency's fee. More times than not, the price of a staffing agency is a small one to pay.

4) You'll get the right person faster

When searching for a new hire, you still have to balance the hiring process with your everyday work and busy schedule - maybe even using personal time to find that candidate - but staffing agencies can devote all of their time to finding the right person for the job, which makes everything go much faster.

Staffing agencies tend to be part of a network of potential that they work with on a daily basis. This means that they might already know the right person for you who is just waiting to be discovered.

5) It gives you flexibility

Based on the situation your company has, you may need a full and part-time employee, possibly a temp or temp-to-hire, seasonal workers or someone to assist you in a large project. Staffing agencies can help you with this as well.

Also, if you're looking for a temporary worker, here's some good news: while they work for you, the staffing agency takes care of details like benefits, pay, and more, so you don't have to think about it.

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