Entreprenuer or Working for somebody?

There are really two sides to an entrepreneurial venture. Either a) you find some partners and invest money into a venture that eventually will become successful or b) invest your own cash and run with the idea. I've seen and know many serial entrepreneurs that have made it successful in their career path. It is not easy. Sometimes, the entrepreneurial path is so frustrating that we give up and want to work for someone else. The problem is can entrepreneurs really work for somebody else? Their is concern on both the employer side and also on behalf of the entrepreneur. The issue of control and micromanagement comes into play when hiring an entrepreneur. Can the business owner control his newly minted find or will the entrepreneur be too stubborn to adapt to change.

When interviewing business owners that want to get back into structured and steady business, they always complain about the stress of being an entrepreneur. They tell me that a) they don't want to babysit employees any more b) cash flow is almost like a roller coaster ride and lastly c) the risk was great when I was single, but now when I have a wife and 2 kids, the financial burden is too much for my family.

Maybe it is better to work for somebody else and let the owner of the other business take care of the HR, financial and government issues. As an entrepreneur, giving up 100% of your business to only take a small portion of someone else's pie is hard to do. It is a mindset that one has to be accustomed with. Knowing that you can be a smaller fish in a bigger pond rather than a big fish in a small pond is hard concept to grasp.

In the end, it might be more benefical to the entreprenuer to learn and understand from someone else's perspective rather than your own. Entrepreneurs always talk about the future, never about the past and only sometimes about the present. Most of the times, entrepreneurs run on adrenaline and this charge is what keeps us going. The mindset of an entrepreneur is one of ownership rather than owning a small slice of the pie.

Is the entrepreneurial path right for you? For some recruiters, being an independent and growing a buisness seems exciting. For others, they let someone manage the employees, HR, financial and government issues. It is a tough career choice - but if one makes it as an entrepreneurial venture - the self satisfaction of building something from scratch and making it successful is a feeling no one can ever explain. In the end, the choice is up to you!

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Comment by Brian Pho on September 16, 2010 at 3:28pm
@Jennifer: I dont like the idea where I have to give up some of my billings or my production so the CEO can drive his brand new BMW7 series. I guess the 50% that I give up to the 'black hole' will go towards his car insurance on his BMW 7 series, a property tax on his nice big house and his very large dental bill...... Basically, if I work for someone, I feel like Im funding his own personal lifestyle.....

Transparency amoungst employees is critical to any successful business.
Comment by Rennay Blizzard on September 20, 2010 at 3:13pm
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Comment by Claire on September 22, 2010 at 11:43am
I went from owning my own business to working for someone else. As my own business developed I was spending more time doing the non productive tasks that I didnt enjoy but wasnt at a level when I could hire someone to do that for me. I sold my business and invested the money for my future. When it came to my current employer it was important to work for someone I could believe in, who had a vision and passion and who would allow me regular input into decision making ideas. Now I love my job, still get to work in an industry I love, with a regular wage and a nest egg for the future.


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