Facebook at Work, a Social Network for Corporates

Communicating with colleagues for assistance, irrespective of their post or location has always been a task for co – workers for this reason that the ones they wish to interact with aren’t easily available when you need them. As an answer to this issue Facebook has designed a social network that makes all of this possible within minutes hence, “Facebook at Work, a Social Network for Corporates”.

If you’ve been searching for ways to connect, share and interact with colleagues, you can stop your search because all of this is now simple with Facebook’s new social network i.e. Facebook at Work; designed purely for Corporates.

This particular feature calls for a lot of questions that need to be answered which isn’t surprising either. So let’s find out what these queries are,  to begin with - does this qualify as good news, what exactly is it and are we going to benefit from it as users?  Before we get into the nitty – gritty of things let’s get answer these questions.

What this means for users?

This is good news for corporates as they can now do similar things with the Facebook at Work platform like they used to with Facebook. This is an ideal platform that might help colleagues to…  

  • Connect, build and maintain relationships and interact with co – workers and individuals that have recently joined.
  • Share posts and views and resolve issues or problems faced by colleagues
  • Conduct poll surveys and have co – workers participate in it if necessary
  • Share pictures of corporate activities that they have participated in etc.

All of these aspects benefit both employers and employees to develop good relations with co- workers; irrespective of their differences making them a closely knitted family.

What it is?

It is a platform that is designed for the sole purpose of connecting, building and maintaining new connections with co – workers. This platform is work centric such that just as Facebook revolves around friends and family so also Facebook at Work entirely revolves around your colleagues. Facebook at Work is similar to Microsoft’s Yammer, SocialCast by VMWare and Bitrix24 are examples of the same. This feature might be accessed via desktop, different mobile operating systems and tablets too. It is currently not available to the public for download as it is still in its beta stage but will be coming to the markets soon.

Further benefits of Facebook at Work

Aside from it being a great way to connect with your colleagues there are some other features that you might avail the benefit of…

  • This platform enables you to do similar things like Facebook
  • Instead of Facebook’s trademark blue it is white with different colour schemes, so you’re employer always knows that you’re on Facebook at Work.
  • Individuals hesitant to access their personal Facebook account in a work environment can sign in for Facebook at Work instead.
  • You can separate the two efficiently
  • Users need not worry about ads as a company representative mentioned that there won’t be any ads.
  • Create a separate Facebook identity specifically for sharing with colleagues
  • Work life can be fused with Facebook at Work as Facebook fuses personal and social life

Important Pointers for Users

Even though there are several benefits of signing up for a Facebook at Work account there are certain aspects one needs to keep in mind if one wishes to avail the benefits of its services. Here goes...

  • You can access this feature if the company already has a Facebook at Work account
  • To set up a Facebook at Work account it is essential that your company has one
  • Any information shared via Facebook at Work will circulate and be viewed only within your co – workers
  • If your company decides to sign up for this service, you don’t need a Facebook account to access this feature


Like Facebook another social platform that is based on connecting and sharing among co – workers alone is Facebook at Work. Now isn’t this great? But don’t get excited just yet, as there is a possibility for better and more efficient features may be added in the new version that might be quite effective in meeting your needs. These wonderful and interesting features just might be the answer to most of your issues so stay tuned for more updates that are likely to improve your overall experience. Nevertheless, be sure to leave your views and pointers in the comments section and we’ll be glad to add them in our next post. 

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