I was reading a blog post today over at Recruiting Blogs.com written by David Blanton, entitled, Finding the right person harder than ever for recruiters. David also blogs over on HRecruiting Buzz. It was a short read but I thought he made some good points.

1. His first point is that with 10% of the country out of work HR professionals and recruiters are working harder than ever to fill jobs. Why you ask? Shouldn't more of a supply of resumes be a good things? Not necesisarily, because an open position in the past that might garner 50 resumes now brings in 250. Recruiters and HR professionals are working twice or three times as hard to fill the same positions.

His second point is about interest or attitude about positions. I never really thought about this one but it seems so obvious now. As more and more people become unemployed more and more people will take any job they can find rather than the job they are the best fit for. Allow me to explain it this way, if I only have $10 left in my bank account and I am not sure where the next $10 is coming from I will probably do whatever I can to ensure that next wave of money comes in. When the money stops flowing people get desperate and they do what they need to do in order to put food on the table for themselves and their family. Wouldn't you? Even if that means taking a pay cut and a job that you may not have taken in times gone past?

He also makes the point that people are applying for so many jobs that they don't remember which ones they applied for and really don't care which job it is just as long as they get an offer. Can you see the problem here? Just because we have more people applying for jobs it still takes hard work to determine which candidates are the best ones for our jobs.

If you are an HR professional or recruiter are you seeing these same trends? How do you deal with these issues? What type of process do you stick to in order to find the best and most qualified talent for your open positions?

Thanks for a great read David and keep up the good work!

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