Five Ways to Make Your Corporate Office Space More Inviting

Gone are the days when the corporate office space was made up of endless rows of cubicles, industrial flooring, and painful lighting. The overall appearance of the office can influence the mood, productivity, and workflow of workers. It’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars creating an over-the-top, sophisticated space, but a few inexpensive changes can go a long way in making your corporate office comfortable for employees, guests, and clients. Here are some five ways in which you can make the office space more inviting and aesthetically appealing.

Clean Surfaces Regularly

An office with dirty surfaces can put off potential clients and create an unhealthy environment for the users. Areas such as the walls and windows collect dust over time and need to be cleaned. Hire a cleaning company for professional window, walls, and tile and grout cleaning services at least once a month. Also, make sure that the floors, cabinet, tabletops, and other surfaces in high traffic areas of the office are cleaned on a daily basis. Clean surfaces not only brighten your office, but they also create a safe and healthy environment for employees, clients, and visitors.

Invest in Carpet

Industrial office tiles can create a boring, sterile and unappealing office environment. However, you don’t have to break the bank while investing in hardwood flooring or new tiles. You can easily transform the look of your office flooring by investing in a quality carpet. Before purchasing a carpet, ensure that it is durable and can last for years even in high-traffic areas such as the office lobby. Also, ensure that it complements the office decor.

An office carpet is easy to maintain, and only requires regular vacuuming and the occasional deep cleaning at least once a month. You should also invest in an organic or natural carpet cleaner as opposed to products which contain harsh chemicals. Some chemicals can damage the fibers in your new carpet and significantly shorten its lifespan.

Use Accent Colors

Color can be used creatively to brighten up an office and create an inviting mood. However, this does not mean that you ditch your neutral furniture of items of decor. Rather, you can use accent colors on the walls and office accessories such as the throw pillows and ottomans to complement the furniture. For instance, research has shown that the there is a link between the color green and creativity, and this makes it suitable for the office. When choosing accent colors, go for those that complement the overall theme in the office.

Install Decluttering Solutions

Office paperwork, documents, books, and magazines, if not properly stored can quickly clutter the space and create an unattractive working environment. Studies show that the average worker uses close to a week every year searching for misplaced items in the office. Install cabinets and floating shelves in all stations and rooms that deal with paperwork. Create color-coded files and folders to hold information and get rid of paper clutter by using the “touch it once” system where you pick a document and immediately decide what to do with it – toss, file, or trash it. Implement this technique across the office to avoid moving paperwork back and forth across the desk.

Create an Interactive Conference Room

All critical decisions, ideas, and meetings with management and clients are carried out in the conference room. It is worth making technology investments that will enhance the business meeting experience. Such solutions include a visual display and AV equipment, interactive displays, whiteboards, and wireless presentation solutions. While the initial cost of these technological solutions may seem high, it is worthwhile in the long run and will go a long way in improving the nature of your business meetings.


Your corporate office doesn’t have to be a boring and unappealing space. With these few changes and investments, you will turn an ordinary corporate office into an inviting, comfortable, healthy, and productive workplace for all its users.


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