Four Worst Office Workers: How to Handle Them Professionally

You have probably met some of the worst co-workers, but, there are times you cannot handle them. These annoying co-workers make you cringe in your chair and probably be out of focus from time time. Heck, you may even have some awkward situations with them.

Below are some of the cringeworthy co-workers you have been meeting to avoid. Well, cringe no more because there are some easy tips you can use.

The Soap Opera Girl/Dude

Problem: This office mate of yours can literally monopolize the entire meeting with his or her long and rambling rants regarding the things that seem to interest no one but herself/himself.

Solution: You can control them by speaking up as well! You and your other colleague can redirect the long and boring conversation by saying that all of you should go back to the original agenda of the meeting. You can also talk to your Soap Opera Co-worker in private telling him/her that you appreciate the input but other people are also eager to participate in the discussion.

The Bad-for-Your-Nose Officemate

Problem: One of your officemates smells really bad that whenever they go near you, you have to hold your breath for at least a minute.

Solution: You can handle it first by telling the problem to the manager. Sure, it may be awkward to you and the manager but it's the most professional way.

For the manager, he/she should be honest, direct, and as kind as possible when he brings the agenda to the person involved with the problem. First thing to say is the good side of the employee, then try to tell the problem by saying he/she's been hearing that other employees are complaining about his/her odor. The manager can suggests some tips to avoid the smelly odor and emphasize that it's an important issue.

The Inappropriate Dresser

Problem: One of the company's employees wear outfits that reveal more skin than actually needed.

Solution: If you are the manager, bring up the dress code and professional image that she needs to adhere. You can bring up her good side, then eventually tell her that it's more important to act professionally when it comes to wearing outfits at the office. You can talk to her at the end of day so that she don't have all day to be self-conscious about her looks.

The Bum Officemate

Problem: Your colleague is spending too much on Facebook playing some games; it happens almost everyday. It's obvious to you and your other officemates that he/she doesn't do anything to fulfill his job responsibility.

Solution: If your slacker officemate non-work stuff is affecting your work, you can raise the problem with your immediate boss and state that it affects your work productivity.

We cannot avoid these type of co-workers and every company has this cringeworthy employees. They are simply unavoidable. So the next time you meet one of them, you know how to handle properly and professionally. Good luck and may you have a good day at work!

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Comment by Nishant K. on February 11, 2015 at 3:29am

if you cant tolerate these types of colleagues, you can switch in to a new job :-)  


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