What really constitutes a Gen X-er?  One speaker I heard at the HR Symposium last week said that Baby Boomers have birthdates through 1975.  That pissed me off, because that puts me in the category of a Baby Boomer, which I'm not.  I'm Gen X.  Some websites and speakers on the generation say that Gen X starts with people who have birthdates in 1961; one says 1964.  One says 1967.  You can probably find some source that says a different year each for every year from 1961 and 1975 if you look enough places or talk to enough people.  A) Who is the authority on this?  B) Do NOT call me a Baby Boomer or put me in that category.

Also, why does every training / talk / conference that I go to talk about Millenials and Baby Boomers and totally ignore Gen Xers other than maybe mention the supposed years of birth that constitute Gen X?  We're here, we're queer...uh, no, wait...that's something else.  (Just a joke, people.)  My point is that yes, we're smaller in numbers than the Baby Boomers and the Millenials, but that doesn't mean you should just ignore us.   Wonderful things often come in small packages- like diamonds, babies, and thank you notes.

- sick of being part of the ignored generation!  (Yes, I made up the term "ignored generation".  I've never heard it before.  If there is a source for this term other than me, please let me know.)

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