Give your recruitment email marketing the edge over your Competition

How?  By applying mobile optimisation to your email campaigns


Any business that needs to attract active or passive candidate talent to jobs or talent pools has or will at some time run a range of targeted email marketing campaigns.  These targets may be from your own talent pool/database or via purchased lists or through some other list creation option. 

Where ever you get your list from and whatever your goal might be (employer branding, active candidate acquisition or passive knowledge / news updates), if you are not considering how you optimise your HTML views of the email in mobile and tablet devices you are missing out on greater conversion and ever increasing opening rates.

Mobile recruiting may not be something you are looking at right now.  However, it can be viewed differently by various groups, but even if you are not a fan, mobile's involvement in the recruitment and talent space is only ever going to get bigger.

Mobile email client open rates

Mobile email platform open rates are greater than both the PC's email and Browser email client applications, from data released earlier this year.  The actual differences are not fantastic but it’s this year’s parity, between the drops using the other email clients and the increase in mobile that interested me.

Interestingly, other studies also show that from all the email marketing going on at the moment a lowly 22% are actually making sure that their HTML templates are configured for the best mobile viewing experience.

Like I have mentioned in many previous posts, it’s the readers experience that impacts the most and is associated the strongest with the brand identity.  So in recruitment terms; if you want to get real value from your email marketing when a high percentage of your marketing emails are landing on a prospect candidates mobile device, you had better optimise your messaging for a mobile readership TODAY!

Author: Martin Shaw

For more information, please contact martin by email or call him on 07791 673 715.

About RecruitSmart Technology

Founded by Martin in 2012, RecruitSmart is a company focused on applying any combination of technology, on and off line marketing and communications and all their years of recruitment industry expertise to support a company's talent attraction, acquisition and management strategies.

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Comment by Jerry Albright on September 12, 2012 at 3:42pm

Comment by Martin Shaw on September 12, 2012 at 7:43pm

Hi Jerry, I am happy to approve your post and negativity to my posting and the fact you are voicing your disapproval of anyone, who in your mind’s eye, is not providing content to the site in a way you expect it to be given.   

It seems to me that my understanding to that of your group of equally frustrated blogging pals and yourself, around the concept of advertising is quite different.  Yes, I will once again agree with the idea that there is a possibility as a result of writing these articles, my business could benefit.


I have worked in OUR industry for more than 23 years Jerry and before I moved over to technology I had a successful career as an international recruiter and value the opportunity of sharing information that might be useful to others in the industry.  I have to ask, but have you actually fully read any of these articles Jerry? 


I am also happy, when those who do recognize the knowledge and insight provided in the copy contact me for further clarification or to ask new questions. Should any of these contacts develop and grow into a business opportunity, I am not going to complain, who would?  What I will not and have never done is proactively court contacts in this online channel to actively sell the products and services my business provides.


I remember a quote Jerry, “The art of communication is the response it gets”, clearly your response is negative and luckily for me others might, but many do not share the same view.  So my suggestion, given genuinely is; let’s agree to disagree and all you need to do to prevent being frustrated by anything I post in the future, is not read my posts.  I am sure this will help.


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