Got Skills? Top Careers That Require Street Smarts

In today's changing market, it may seem like it's impossible to get a job with an undergraduate degree. Those who pursue an undergraduate degree are mostly considered to be book smart. However, there's something to be said about people who are street smart. When a person is street smart, they have a keen intellect, a quick eye and common sense. It's possible for someone to be both book and street smart. If you want to find a career that relies on street smarts, consider one of these four professions.

1. Entrepreneur

Yes, there are lots of graduate programs with a specialized focus on entrepreneurship. However, in most cases, entrepreneurship is something you must learn along the way. Someone who is street smart has a better time taking chances and learning as they go and do entrepreneur things. This is important, because lessons and mentors will be your greatest teachers. While there are books on entrepreneurship, there's only so much a person can teach. You'll have to figure out a lot of it as you go. If you're a quick learner and a naturally positive person, you might want to consider owning a business or two.

2. Childcare Professional

To begin a career in childcare, you'll mainly need experience. If you visit any local elementary school and offer to volunteer in the classrooms, chances are no one will turn you down. As long as you have a clean record and a good rapport with children, teachers usually welcome all the help they can get. As long as you have common sense when you're dealing with children and don't let them run you over, you'll be able to relay your skills into an impactful childcare career.

3. Truck Driver

One of the most exciting parts of being a truck driver involves driving to various parts of the country and taking in the views. Yet, there is so much more to it. Although most truckers do work with bigger companies, some truckers drive as part of running their own business. For those who do, it takes a lot of strategy and planning. Businesses like Factor Loads can help them to book their loads and handle certain payments. There’s a lot of detail to the work, and so it is important for them to be on top of everything and utilize every resource they have. Out on the road, they also have to be cautious in their dealings with strangers. Not to mention, they need to be wary of all of the drivers around them. Even though a CDL certification is the only requirement to drive, it takes true street smarts and quick intellect to be a truck driver.  

4. Salesperson

An effective salesperson is often quick-witted and has the ability to think on their feet. Their street smarts will allow them to quickly adapt to the specific situation they're in. These attributes are important for salespeople because their salaries and commissions depend on them. Become a salesperson can be difficult because it involves persuasion and the gift of gab. Still, this career usually doesn't require a degree. Experience usually trumps education in the sales force.

Take a closer look at what skills and natural talents you already possess. See how you can parlay those gifts into a lucrative career. This might be one of the easiest ways to fall into a line of work that you love! 

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