Government Worker Benefits vs. Private Worker Benefits

  It’s not expected that benefits should be equal with every opportunity or position out there but is it possible that the benefits offered for government positions are better than private positions.  It depends on what benefits and opportunities you’re looking for, what appeals to you.  I will say this; can you ever reach a government employee after 5pm even 4pm if you’re calling on a Friday?  For most of us working tirelessly, to make enough money for the government just to have a bit left over for ourselves, I think this is an over looked benefit.  Paid holidays, they observe each and every holiday and then some other holidays.  Vacation, 4 weeks minimum and I recall some reports that government employees have abused tax money for their vacation; I also call that a benefit.  Retirement, early retirement can be taken at 50 years old after x amount of years of service, quick point do you know how hard it is to get fired from the government?  Healthcare, has anyone actually read the details of the proposed healthcare bill?  The government will be sure to satisfy themselves first.  Let’s recap, government benefits = 6, private benefits = 0. 

As I start a fire about the government, I can’t disregard the private sector and the struggle they face to find and retain quality employees by offering as many benefits and perks possible.  They do this facing absurd costs and poor third party services, a stress to any business owner or employee, especially if they are trying to deal with an agency that closes at 5pm, 4pm on Friday, yeah, most people are still burning the oil at 5pm because they were on hold with customer service all day talking to a voice recorded message.  The private sector has become creative with benefits for example allowing people to work remotely, setting office environments to be more “fun”, splitting or covering healthcare, offering competitive 401K options, vacation, and sick days typically, two weeks all to remain competitive in the workforce.  The biggest problem here is cost, something the government doesn’t appear to be concerned about, there can be no argument here, look at our debt; I know I added another branch to the fire.  The benefits of working in the private sector are valued based on the burden to the company which anyway you look at it is greater than the burden to the government.  I give the private sector a 10 for effort but in this rat race, government worker benefits vs. private worker benefits, the government clearly takes the cake.  The fortunate part, not everybody wants to work for the government and they value the benefits and creativity of companies’ especially small business.  Keep working hard the government needs you, yes folks I’ve added the match, let’s discuss.

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