Habits of the Most Skilled Recruiters: Part One – The Good

Most candidates are not fortunate enough to have a good recruitment process, considering only 5% of them rank their experience as “good.” So, where have we lost touch? It’s a clear indicator that some recruiters need a reassessment of their tech knowledge and people skills. However, a combination of both of these attributes results in an alignment with company goals. This vision is the real motivator for candidates to follow through with the entire application process. How do your recruiters match up? Are they tech savvy and skilled in interpersonal communication? More importantly, are they motivated with a vision? 

They Adapt to the Times

Technology and recruiting don’t seem to go together for those outside the HR space. But the truth is, you can’t separate them without causing havoc. Developments in recruiting technology like Applicant Tracking Systems keep recruiters at the top of their game. Job boards, career pages, and social media recruiting are all affected by advancements in technology.

Don’t be one of the 25% of large companies who don’t use an Applicant Tracking System to organize candidate files.

Your recruiters will have a hard time finding the tech talent – which is in high demand right now – if they don’t have the technology to show the company’s innovation. In the very least, without an ATS, your recruiters won’t be able to stay organized and keep resumes off of their desk. This HR tool will filter 70% of the resumes before your recruiters see them, so they are not burdened by the amount of information. Since they don’t have to filter through a desk flooded with resumes, they can spend more than the average 6 seconds evaluating each resume.

They are People-People

Skilled recruiters not only know their way around innovative technology, they also know their way around a good conversation. They are keen on body language and tone of voice; which is particularly important considering 93% of communication is nonverbal. Recruiters know how to read people, and read them accurately. They are attracting culturally and functionally fit talent after all, right? 

77% of candidates have no contact with the recruiter. Use your interpersonal communication skills and talk with your candidates.

Although social media is criticized for stunting interpersonal communication development, it is an excellent platform to look for qualified candidates. It goes beyond just the LinkedIn profile, but companies like UPS use a specific jobseeker handle. An Applicant Tracking System offers the ability to publish job openings to social media feeds such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook so your company has a heightened visibility and access to a bigger more qualified talent pool.

They are Motivated by a Vision

For any recruiter to be successful in attracting the best talent, they have to be able to instill the same company vision into their candidates. But they have to believe in it themselves first. The best recruiters see the bigger picture, recruiting those who can grow in the company more often than just those to fill a position.

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” –Dalai Lama

Not all companies have their own recruiters. In fact, 22% of companies hire new employees through a staffing firm. This isn’t always necessary however. An engaged and motivated employee is sometimes all it takes for a well-equipped recruiter. A good recruiter goes above and beyond, responding to candidates faster than their counterparts. This quick response gives them deeper access to the talent pool by keeping their candidates interested in the position.

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