The evolving US economy, cyclical change, and the worldwide distribution of wealth and business have caused what some experts are claiming to be an ever changing and fluid workforce. Stability and permanence are washed away to the low cost countries beating down our doors offering value and efficiency. But is that the case, or are we not noticing the widespread change that is taking place with our off-shoring efforts and what is likely to be a huge windfall (long long term) if the US can maintain position in the world as a place of innovation.

One of the most recent articles detailing the permanent temporary workforce cites all of the global reasons why fluid and transitional workforces are the way of the future. It is how everyone will work. But is that true or is that just for the US? Look at the readings, they do not speak of the developing worlds coming to a point of fluid workforce. They are the areas where permanence is going, leaving a trail of confusion in the wake. However the developing world is being held hostage to the idea that stability is of the past and we need to change our mindset.

For the people that are 15 yrs or less to retirement - I could not agree more. After which, the winds will be changing in a way most people are not discussing or even talking about. Look at India, the powerhouse of outsourcing for the past 20 yrs. It is now considered by many global companies too expensive to continue to operate. There are strong technical staff, built up infrastructure, and a good overall business comprehension. But as the middle class has grown, so as the pay, and thus the cost of outsourcing to another country. With the inherent issues with outsourcing ranging from dialect and time zones, the cost (which is the huge benefit) begins to erode, causing companies to flee and seek new havens of savings and movement. The new hot spot is Manilla. Young and full of life, companies are building offices and mass hires to gather the skill sets that make outsourcing successful. What happens when Manilla becomes the next India...they will move somewhere else and then somewhere else.

The idea that in 50 yrs this country will not be welcoming back jobs in the thousands, you are looking short sighted. The US has continued to make a strategic mistake that other countries simply do not allow, and that is the outsourcing of the truly best and brightest. We do not place caps on business ownership and allow foreign companies free access to capital, both physical and intellectual. They borrow and leave us hoping that one day soon the good ol days will return. Simply put, we are kidding ourselves.

Strategic thinking bodies inclusive of government and commercial business need to align in partnership to achieve the results that people want. Job creation, less reliance on foreign energy sources, and stability. Without the two, we find ourselves in the upheaval we have now. Laws would need to be placed in effect that will challenge business to keep things here, plus allow foreign investment. A balance vs a free for all. Restrictions on foreign investment and ownership, excise taxes - all the things China and other countries freely do to us must not be done in spite, but for balance of the world market. This will allow retention of our intellectual property and position the US for returning jobs when low cost countries become obsolete in the face of US production.

Let us not remind ourselves that in the very near future we are facing the largest amount of exodus in the workforce this nation has ever seen. Technology will assist in releasing some of the strain, however the pure body count will send shock waves through this nation and the world. Entire class lines blurred, wealth generation passed on to be created or destroyed, and a new flock of leaders.

If we have learned anything, my hope is that the people understand the short and long term. Our mind set has become short term, immediate, bottom line at any cost with little offered for the long term. Rights vs. privileges, expectations controlled, and the US could see a bright future of stability and permanence.

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