Technology is becoming increasingly important in healthcare. Electronic health records, payment models, consumer health applications, radiology barcoding applications, patient portals (which are intended to facilitate communication among providers, patients and healthcare organizations), telehealth, wearables, and robotics are just some examples of technological advancements being used by healthcare organizations and patients. IT professionals in healthcare are required to analyze, manage, develop, secure, and use these systems. We examined which particular tech jobs were most commonly required in the healthcare sector during the past 30 days.

Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Healthcare


Computer Systems Analyst was the most advertised IT job by healthcare companies, accounting for 27% of tech demand in this sector, based on data from WANTED Analytics. Informatics Nurse Specialists were also listed among the tech jobs that were most needed. Employers advertised that Informatics Nurse Specialists are responsible for workflow analysis, end-user support, and maintenance of the electronic medical records (EMR) and clinical application systems. We reviewed job descriptions for some of the other most in-demand IT jobs in healthcare to see what else was required of them.

Requirements of Tech Jobs in Healthcare

  • Computer Systems Analyst are required to maintain, manage, and implement systems and databases.
  • Computer User Support Specialists are needed to build, install, maintain, repair, and support system and edit records and files for departments.
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators are responsible for providing maintenance, support and enhancement for the enterprise desktop environment, data network, and new technologies.

A variety of specific healthcare industries required IT talent. Tech professionals in the healthcare sector were most sought after by general medical and surgical hospitals, about 35% of these job ads. Offices of physicians had the second most demand.


Of these jobs, Web Developers and Information Security Analysts are likely to be the most difficult-to-fill, both scoring a 93 on our Hiring Scale. Our Hiring Scale score ranges from 1 to 99, with 99 meaning hardest-to-recruit. The least difficult to recruit job is Computer Programmers, scoring a 60, meaning that conditions are still likely to be somewhat challenging. With a lot of competition for tech talent, employers will want to ensure that their salaries are on par with what other companies are offering candidates. For instance, the median advertised salary for Information Security Analysts throughout the US is $105,000. The median advertised salary is the compensation that employers advertise to attract candidates, not necessarily the pay that is agreed upon between employer and employee. This job is most in-demand in the Washington, DC metro area. In DC, the median salary for Information Security Analysts is about the same as the national average. When looking at these job listings in healthcare, the median salary is a little lower, $99,550. If your job ads are below the median salary range, you may get better results by increasing your advertised salary to the median level in your area.

Median Advertised Salary for Healthcare Information Security Analysts in Washington, DC.


How else do you think employers can attract IT talent to jobs in healthcare?


Ashley Zito Rowe writes for the WANTED Analytics blog, Analysis, and her wine blog, NJ Wine with Me. Ashley’s articles and insight have been featured on or cited by Forbes,, ERE, American Staffing Association,, GetOutsideNJ, and Hometown Quarterly. She is also a Marketing Manager for WANTED Analytics, focusing on customer and social media engagement. When Ashley isn’t researching hiring trends or drinking NJ wines, she’s likely to be adventuring somewhere in NJ, painting something, or watching Disney movies.

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