Here’s How to Decide What to Wear for an Interview

So, you are almost one step behind securing your dream job. It is still not the time to rejoice as you are required to win over your interviewers all over again in this session. This personal face-to-face round of interview could be the toughest part as there are a lot of things that can make a difference in this session as compared to written rounds, telephonic rounds and Skype rounds. Although your affability and subject knowledge are the things that would count for the most part, it is your first impression and appearance that would have a huge amount of influence on the outcome, i.e., whether you are selected or not. So, you should know how to dress up smartly for the interview that you have been wishing to get through since quite a while.

Do your homework by knowing more about the company and its dress code. With the spread of globalisation, countless companies have managed to cross their borders. German, Italian, French, American, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and other brands are present almost everywhere. You would do yourself a favour if you explore more about the company. And if you can, try to ask the HR of the company about the dress policies beforehand. Most of the IT, tech, building, service and manufacturing companies would want to see you in a conservative suit, shirt and custom made ties if you are vying for a white collar post. However, companies engaged in advertising, public relations, graphic designing, etc. can have relaxed dress code. And in case you are in doubt, strive to look dapper even if it means uncomfortable. And remember, it is okay to be overdressed than to be underdressed.

Your attire should not require much of your time, efforts and money. It really does not make sense to spend your time, efforts and money gathering the ensemble for your interview day. History is full of instances when people have made it easily without perfect attires. So, yes, more of your focus should be on your skills and knowledge. But just to ensure that your appearance does not end up screwing things up, you need to address the basic standards of dressing up for the interview. It is to say that whatever suit, shirt and custom made ties you have, you can use that, and there is no need to go out on shopping.

Know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You cannot go wrong with simple formal dresses and suits that you can pull off on the interview day without any difficulty. They would also ensure that you are as comfortable as ever. And with such ultimate comfort, you will be at your best to persuade the interviewers into thinking that you are right fit for the post. That’s that! Even your interviewers would be impressed by the power of simplicity that lays in your simple yet elegant dress sense. You can leverage this favourable situation and outshine your contenders.

No matter what, nobody can deny that interviewees’ image hold sway over the final outcome of the interview. It is, after all, the clear manifestation of interviewees’ qualities like attentiveness to detail, sincerity towards the work culture, etc. Hence, dressing appropriately and nicely is really important to ace your interviews. The aforementioned points will help you decide what to wear for your interview. So, make sure the next time you don’t just walk-in, you swagger into the interview room.

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