Hiring Trends for the Skill Set CIOs Want Most

In a recent Robert Half survey, 57% of CIOs said that network administration is the most in-demand skill set within their IT departments. With this being a highly sought after ability in IT, we examined hiring trends for Network and Computer Systems Administrators and the current available candidate supply. 

According to WANTED Analytics, there are 41,279 job ads currently posted online for Network and Computer Systems Administrators. The number of qualified candidates available in the US workforce divided by this number of job ads calculates to about 8 candidates per job opening. This demonstrates that the Network and Computer Systems Administrator candidate supply compared to the number of job openings is unbalanced.

Demand is highest in Washington, DC. In this area there is more demand pressure, with only about 5 candidates per job opening. The situation is similar in other areas with high demand. There are about 3 candidates per opening in Baltimore and 5 per opening in San Francisco. 

Metro Areas with the Most Demand for Network and Computer Systems Administrators

07.29.14 Job Volume Heat Map Network Administrators

Source: WANTED Analytics

Demand Pressure is likely to vary depending on the area. In Olympia (WA), there are more than enough candidates to meet demand, 111 candidates per Network and Computer Systems Administration job opening. Recruiters can look to relocate talent from this area where there is a higher number of candidates per job and less competition. Recruiting conditions are also likely to be less difficult in Olympia. For instance, in Washington (DC), where demand is highest, Network and Computer Systems Administrators score a 90 on our Hiring Scale. Our Hiring Scale score ranges from 1 to 99, with 99 indicating hardest-to-fill. Olympia scores a 5 on our Hiring Scale. 

Hiring Scale Score for Network and Computer Systems Administrators in Olympia, WA

07.29.14 Hiring Scale For Network And Computer Systems Administrators

Source: WANTED Analytics

If you're relocating talent, make sure to factor in advertised salaries in different metropolitan areas. Nationally, the median advertised salary for Network and Computer Systems Administrators is $83,800. This is the pre-negotiated salary listed in job ads that is used to attract candidates, not necessarily the compensation agreed upon between employer and employee. In Washington (DC), the average advertised salary is higher than the national average, $100,350. In Olympia, the advertised median salary is lower than DC's and the national median salary, $69,400. You may be able to use an increase in salary as a motivator for potential candidates to relocate for your job.

Market Salary for Network and Computer Systems Administrators in the US and Olympia, WA

07.29.14 Median Salary Network Computer Systems Administrators

Source: WANTED Analytics

If you want to know what candidate supply and median salary is in your market, let us know in the comments.

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