Сhoose Drip Campaigns And Get Benefits

Have you just started the business and already have a day-to-day email grind? Do you want to organize a high-quality cold outreach campaign as fast as possible? Drip campaigns tool is the best solution for you. 

Drip Campaigns

This is one of the most effective approaches to convert prospects into customers. You can use them when you’ve found clients for your products and services, when you need to reach out to potential business partners or candidates, when you need to connect to the perfect influencer, etc.  With time and effort saving drip campaigns, your product will be on top of people minds and you will easily drive sales. 

What drip campaigns are

The drip emails were created to bring email marketing to the new stage, an all-and-sundry-automated one. A drip campaign is a set of emails that are sent depending on the recipient's interaction with the email. These interactions, namely triggers (opens, clicks, and replies), lead to the next step in the campaign. 

Since the whole process is automated, what are you supposed to do? You just need to create a scheduled email sequence with triggers, delays, and goals. The tool takes care of the rest. 

One of the main goals of these emails is to get someone to know you and trust you enough to do business with you or to buy your product. If you compose the emails correctly, they contain only useful information, so the leads will be definitely glad to see another email. And what is even better, the messages can be sent at the right moment in order to move the prospects through the sales funnel. 

Why drip campaigns convert better

Drip campaigns are the quickest and easiest way to reach out to the prospects and convert them. Here’s why they are superior:

  • Easy email list management. You can compose your own list of leads to whom the campaign will be sent. If the list is already created in Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets format, just upload it and use it for the email campaign. You can add new leads to the list if the campaign is already launched and the campaign will start for them immediately. The users who are on the list will receive campaign messages until they unsubscribe, reply, or you delete them from the list.

  • Multiple email flows. The campaign builder is the helping hand in creating the flow. While making the email sequence, schedule it, set up pauses between emails, adjust triggers, and define the goals. Depending on the recipient’s action, they can start receiving a different email flow (aka scenario). The email flows can be customized and changed to convert better.

  • Better conversion through personalization. Drip emails give you the possibility to address the prospects directly: by name, using the company name and position, or any other professional information. This lets you implement a completely personal approach.  Another thing that lets you realize it is triggers and delays. Thanks to them, each email is sent to a lead personally, only when they perform the trigger action. The most common triggers are Email opened and Link clicked. They react to the recipient's action and the tool sends the next email within the set time depending on that action.

  • Analyzing. Place goals for each email flow within the campaign and watch the stats. The statistics show detailed information about the campaign, namely how many people clicked the links and how many replies you’ve received.

  • Control your own sender reputation. Using external SMTP is not always best for deliverability. This is why professionals recommend using your own SMTP if you have one. The drip tool synchronizes with your private email account (Gmail, G Suite, etc.) or SMTP, and sends emails on your behalf. This way you yourself are responsible for your sender reputation. 

Why you need drip campaigns right now

The statistics show that 89% of marketers use email as the primary channel for generating leads, with 52% saying that email is their main communication tool. Drip campaigns are the quickest and easiest way to catch the prospects’ attention and get the higher-than-the-skies conversion rate. 

Snovio email sender

Tailor the campaigns so that they target each segment of your prospect list with precise personal messages. This tool will save you a ton of time and effort. Try creating a drip campaign for nurturing early-stage leads until they become sales-ready today and watch your sales grow.

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