Everyone understands the tremendous amount of work that an HR department invests in a company. However, a lot of people have a problem understanding whether the size of the company affects its need for a decent HR department. A major corporation needs it for sure, however, what about smaller Australian startups? Do they need an elaborate HR plan, as well? You see, even the smallest of startups can benefit from the right HR plan and a team capable enough to execute it. For all those who are still not convinced, here are all the perks that a good HR plan can provide to a promising startup.

  • Hiring, training and retaining employees

The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that startups have a serious staffing issue. Since they are fresh on the market, they don’t have a workforce. They’re usually starting with a couple of enthusiast-entrepreneurs but soon, their manpower pool will have to expand. An HR plays a pivotal part in the hiring process and training of new employees, which means ensuring that every new staff member is a cultural fit. This alone will ensure a smoother transition into your workplace.

Another thing that they are in charge of is employee retainment. You see, startups are usually seen as the entry point into the business world. So, the majority of employees will see it as merely a place where they’ll work until they get some training and experience to enrich their CV. In other words, people that you invest so much time, effort and resources into may see you as a temporary stop. With the help of a decent HR team, you can enhance your odds of retaining the most promising of your recruits for a prolonged period. All in all, a good HR team can help solve some of your biggest logistical manpower problems in one go.

  • Leadership consultancy

Regardless of how actively you intend to manage your team, as a leader, people are going to look up to you. Being a leader, displaying some leadership traits and acting the way that the leader should are not the same. Sure, praising some of your employees is seen as thoughtful and charismatic but where do you draw the line between this and workplace bias/favouritism. By consulting a professional HR consulting Sydney agency, you can get some guidance on this pivotal matter.

  • A pivotal department

Your HR department is also in charge of any workplace conduct management, argument mediation and harassment claims. The thing is that you don’t need an in-house team. Making an in-house HR team is incredibly difficult, complex and expensive. Finding people with enough experience is not easy or cheap, neither is paying for all the right HR tools and charting a course for your team’s development in this field. The majority of Australian startups handle this issue by outsourcing their HR. Needless to say, this is probably the most cost-efficient way of getting all you need with as little investment of time and effort as possible.

  • Ensuring all goes according to plan

Your company needs to have clear goals and a growth plan and it’s the role of your HR that this is ensured. The hiring process is just one aspect of your hiring strategy and it all falls under the scaling of your business due to its expected expansion. Everything needs to be governed properly and when it comes to managing your staff, too much meddling and a lack of oversight are two sides of the same spectrum. It is the role of your HR to organize and supervise this.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, you need to keep in mind that a good HR plan can’t be made overnight. It’s supposed to be a result of a collaboration between an HR department and management. While it needs to focus on the long-term staffing issues for your enterprise, it also needs to establish a set of minor steps that would, eventually, lead towards this. All in all, a good HR plan is the core principle that is supposed to either solve or prevent any staffing issues that you may have in the nearest future. Therefore, it needs to become a top priority.


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Comment by Neha Nandal on December 14, 2020 at 1:11am

Thanks for the insight.HR provides recruitment to startups. they help startups to hire candidates efficiently and effectively they help in various services such as employee engagement, job induction and orientation 


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