Six words which form what I think is one of the great un-answered questions of all time. Others have tried, come close or failed to attain the brassiest of brass rings—and that is to discover how one becomes the best!!

Is it a course or an educational module? Is it something found with style, a trendy newspaper, or the tabloids? Is it an expression? or possibly a frame of mind? Could be…any or all of the above plus other thoughts not yet expressed. Or it could be none of the above and a complete pile of hooey, meaning that all we can get out of life is what we deserve. Maybe, Could be, Not Really (check off the one you agree with).

If it is to be thought of as a frame of mind, when do we start allowing it to form, or to create a life on its own? Childhood? Middle-School? maybe College or beyond? or could it possibly be something that is ever maturing, as we do when we realize we are older and trying to re-capture “the good old days” (free Springsteen reference!)

To be the best at anything requires sacrifice: personal, professional, spiritual and most definitely a strong belief that you really should be seen as head and shoulders above your colleagues (as a fact; not a point of bragging). This is an opportunity that may only appear once in a working career, so it is essential that you pick the spot, and truly be “The” one. As you strive to make that transition, it is really important that you remain humble in your dealings, as all those people you see on the way up will probably still be watching on your way down, and if its one thing most people don’t like, its a cocky know-it-all schmeckel-head. (pot-meet kettle; kettle-meet pot).

Work for the betterment of the whole industry, not just as a visitor in it. Play like you work and you will never consider what you do as work. Compliment the whole organization because its the right thing to do (or to strive and achieve), and a smooth moving machine rarely comes along. Its better to be considered part of the team rather than have people feel they “work” with you because they have to. Know when the time is right to move on- as people who don’t know when to leave a party, rarely find their way home.

Have a vision and a goal; strive to achieve both. Look at the end goal and make plans to see it through. Listen to those around you, as their comments and criticism should help build the foundation for that growth; and having others always listen to your voice gets old fast.

If you can see yourself achieving even part of one goal on this page; then whatever industry you are in will see progress with a talented member. Progress comes through time and hard work; and to be considered “The Best” at it-- (here is the true secret)-- is darned near impossible to achieve. You are only one person and one voice; but with that voice miracles can happen…..

Something To Think About…

©2011 thedanieljsmith

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