How IT Security Can Enhance Your Small Business

Running a small business can be extremely difficult even in the best of times. Today, many small business owners are having to struggle even more than normal. As a result, many may be reluctant to make new investments for their businesses. However, one thing no business owner should overlook is the importance of IT security. IT security can enhance your small business in many different ways.

It Will Protect You From Hackers

Whether you want to admit it or not, your business will be targeted by hackers. According to surveys, nearly 80 percent of companies have been targeted by cyberattacks within the previous year. It’s not really a question of if you’ll be targeted. It’s more of a question of just when the attack will take place. As such, it’s simply smart to invest in the services and infrastructure you will need to fend off such attacks. If you do not, your company will be a sitting duck. A costly cyber attack could happen at the least opportune time, and your business may ultimately fail as a result.

You Can Import the Expertise You Need

One of the reasons why you should obtain IT security services is because it’s extremely doubtful you have the talent in-house to perform this work competently on your own. Hiring a full-time IT specialist can be extremely expensive, and you probably can’t afford that as a small business owner. Instead, if you are in the San Francisco bay area, for example, you can choose to outsource with IT company San Francisco specialists. This way, you will obtain the expertise and knowledge you need to build safeguards in your own particular network infrastructure to protect against intrusions from hackers, cybercriminals, malware, viruses, and other threats. Investigate the possibility of purchasing managed or co-manged IT services that can bridge the gap in your own knowledge and technical competence.

It Can Lessen Litigation Risk

There are many ways that IT security can help to protect your bottom line. One of the most significant you should be aware of is that maintaining the proper level of IT security can greatly lessen your risk of becoming entangled in costly litigation. In most cases, hackers that target businesses are actually targeting the customer data stored on their servers. Once stolen, this data can then be sold on the dark web and eventually used to defraud your customers of thousands upon thousands of dollars. Your customers may then band together to sue you for allowing the breach to happen. If you did not have the proper IT security safeguards in place, you may be found negligent in court and forced to pay out a large judgment. Even if you somehow win the case, the negative PR emanating from media reports of the hack and lawsuit can greatly damage your bottom line regardless.

It Can Protect You From Internal Threats

One of the scary facts about cyber security is that not all of the threats you will face will originate from outsiders trying to attack your company from afar. Instead, many will actually originate from inside the business itself. These threats can sometimes originate from the malicious actions of employees wishing to steal from you by accessing sensitive data they should not have access to in the first place. They can also originate from non-malicious actors as well. Your own carelessness and incompetence in regards to IT security can present its own threats that could result in breaches, data loss and other significant problems. Contracting with an IT security firm can help you shore up your own gaps that can lead to such issues. The implementation of things like two-factor authentication, automated data loss prevention, and routine network security audits can do just that.

Overall, not making the proper investments into IT security can be extremely foolhardy. It does not matter how large or small your business is. The risks can pile up, and the ultimate result may be the end of your business entirely. Instead, use IT security to enhance your business. Partner with an outside IT security firm that can help you craft security solutions that best meet your own specific needs. Put measures in place that prevent threats from outside your business as well as inside from damaging your bottom line.

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