How Office Design and Features can Effect Employee Productivity

We frequently consider interior design as a means to express personality, follow trends, or create a comfortable and inviting space in our homes.  But interior design plays a part in creating an environment which supports productivity in the workplace and home offices. Color, ergonomics, and even air quality all factor into the character of the surroundings, and even a few tiny changes can boost the productivity which you or your employees may gain from, which will help your business grow.  Take some time to look at the ways that work environments could be improved by clever interior design.


A lot of men and women who are employed in a workplace whine of backaches, wrist strain, along with other fatigue-related accidents that can be prevented or minimized with the right office equipment.  Furniture, like chairs and desks, are part of the interior layout, and if you would like to lessen the amount of time that you and employees will need to take off from work because of injuries from poor office furniture, invest in office seats which reduce strain.


Color affects mood, and you also want to pick colors which make you and your workers feel much better.  For instance, yellow has an association with sunlight, which makes individuals feel optimistic.  And if you'd like calming colors, blue and green have associations with nature and create a calm atmosphere.  It is also possible to choose one of these paint colors for your home or work office.

Variety of Workspaces

During the building or remodeling stage, you want to think about what types of spaces you need.  For instance, you may want a seminar area for holding group meetings, and you might also need a rest area where people are able to eat their lunches and also look at the landscaping by means of a window.   The manner in which the office is laid out can also affect how much some staff members see each other. For instance, in case you've got an office that has a large common area that everyone needs to go through to reach certain rooms, such as bathrooms or the leave, this may foster social time where people may become more comfortable with one another, thereby resulting in more successful work environments.


Everyone works better when they feel safe and secure. Consider purchasing the office version of a home security system so that your employees don’t have to worry about their safety or the safety of their belongings when they are gone.

Air Quality

Believe it or not, the grade of the air people breathe in the office can have significant ramifications on general productivity.  For instance, if the atmosphere is too dry, many individuals are more prone to nose pliers or general discomfort. Adding a couple of humidifiers into the office can help people breathe more easily and spend less time distracted by distress.  The exact same is true if you've got people in your workplace who have allergies. Pollen, dust, and other allergens will not be suitably filtered out if the furnace's filters are old and dirty. However, there are easy ways to remember to alter them.  There is a smart home apparatus that monitors the life of this air filter and will alert you when it is time to alter it.

There are lots of things that go into creating an interior design that supports the growth of workers and the growth of the corporation.  You could also have a look at books on interior design and talk to interior design specialists to find that which upgrades are going to have the biggest impact on the quality of the work environment.  Additionally, make a list of some of the most important issues you want solved to create an office space that is more conducive to productivity.

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