How Professional Video Interviewing Technologies Outperform DIY Video Chat Options

As a recruiter, HR professional or hiring manager, you’re aware of the use of video interviewing for your hiring and recruitment needs, but you may be questioning which platform to use. Does it make a difference whether you choose video interviewing technology tailored specifically for recruiting or opt to use a video chat option like Skype? Actually, it does.  (Disclaimer: I am the CEO of a professional video interviewing provider.)

Video Chat vs. Live Video Interviewing

Live video calls are available through various platforms, Skype being the most well-known, but others like FaceTime, Google Video Chat and Oovoo also allow you to view and speak to a job candidate over the internet. What these platforms don’t provide is hands-on support and guidance as well as a branded experience during the .  You can also setup and manage multiple interviews and manager evaluations at once with professional technologies.  Use of professional services also supports the back-up of candidate data, as advised by law.

The Pre-Recorded One-Way Video Interview

A major distinction between video chat platforms and a video interviewing platform. With this option, you create a set of questions and your candidates record video responses to them with their own computers. Since you don’t have to be present during the interview, this is a wonderful solution for scheduling issues. You can review and assess these candidate interviews at your convenience, making this an effective screening tool for multiple candidates and a wonderful time-saver.


When you use a video chat platform like Skype, it meshes a personal tool with a professional environment. You typically need to connect with a candidate using personal usernames. When using business video interviewing services, the experience is professional from beginning to end, starting with the invite. You can brand the invitation and the interview to fit your company’s image. This results in a better experience for your candidates improves your company’s image.

The Clear Choice

Once you compare the pertinent features of video interviewing to video chat software, it’s clear there are several benefits to today’s systems built specifically for the hiring process. They’re cloud based, collaborative and are designed to help you save time. They win on all fronts, from effectiveness to professionalism.

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Comment by Recruiting Animal on July 30, 2014 at 4:20pm

Chris this isn't a bad article but you should say at the outset that you are in the business. Otherwise, it makes you look shady. And it gives Recruitingblogs a bad name.

Comment by Christopher Young on July 30, 2014 at 4:25pm

Thanks for the feedback!  I didn't want to self-promote our company, but rather provide some additional thoughts.  I'll provide a disclaimer.  

Comment by Recruiting Animal on July 30, 2014 at 4:36pm

If you don't say exactly who you are upfront people don't think, "Hey, isn't he modest." They think you're a shill and you don't want them to dismiss you like that.

Comment by Christopher Young on July 30, 2014 at 4:38pm

Very true.  Much appreciated!

Comment by Keith Halperin on July 30, 2014 at 7:39pm

Thanks, Christopher and Recruiting Animal.

IMHO, ANYONE mentioning video interviewing is likely to be someone trying to make money (one way or the other) selling/leasing/renting a VI system to you. If I may be so bold: probably about the only people who really give a **** about VI are the ones trying to sell it to you. It's like those big accounting/finance SW packages in the '80s and '90s- useful (and perhaps necessary), but not really interesting to most people...I know that's not a very positive,  or supportive thing to say, but that's what I think... Also, it occurred to me while writing this that VI systems might have a significant potential customer base in the porno/virtual sex field. (Also, not very "positive" or "supportive", but it's plausible...)


Keith "Think What I Could Do if I Used My Powers For Good and Not for Evil" Halperin


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