How Small Growing Companies Hire Great People

Hiring people is not as tricky as some people are led to believe, daunting, yes! However, with some planning a hiring manager can achieve great things. All the work involved that lands the company the right candidate involves a lot of strategy coupled with an effective process.

Finding the right candidate is important for any small business, since it determines how the company will operate from that point onwards.

A small business will have a limited number of people working for them and therefore, finding the best match for the a particular position will relieve the owner of his / her numerous duties that not only take up a considerable amount of time, but also leave less time for taking or pondering over strategic decisions.

A small business will go through a lot of hassle to hire the best candidate for a position as compared to the procedures carried out by a larger company having 200-500 employees. With every hire, the stakes are extremely high for the small businesses since they need to look for the following qualities in every candidate:

  • Skilled
  • Engaged
  • Passionate
  • A Committed Team Player

Can you define mediocrity? A small-business owner definitely can, since he or she will be better able to figure out the difference between great people versus people that are just okay for the job. This difference between the two kinds will define the progress of a small business.

However, large companies will not be shaken with the minor setbacks. They will recover with the next round of hiring or will even out the inefficiencies with further training, but a small venture cannot afford this extra cost and will have to take their steps carefully to get everything right in the first go.

Here is an insight into how small businesses can hire great people:

  • Being Clear About the Role

Candidates search for jobs through keywords and this is something that should be kept in mind when publishing a job vacancy over the internet. Keeping it short does not attract people, since it does not provide a clear understanding of the job opportunity. The job role needs to be descriptive but clear. Mentioning the day-to-day tasks and their contribution to the company goals will also add a level of quality to the job position advertised.

  • Looking For the Fishes Where They Are

Figuring out where the best crowd, that is suitable for the company, hangs out, whether physically or virtually is a great way to fine relevant talent. For different companies, the best places to spot remarkable talent can be different. For example, it will be easy to spot technical talent on the demo day or a hackathon however, if a sales shark is required then a trade show will help meet the desired pool of candidates.

  • Displaying the Company Culture – Expressing Values

Integrity plays a key role in identifying a team worker, which is important for a small business, since it will maintain respect and trust amongst the employees.

Twisting questions in an interview will help identify whether the candidate will embrace the dynamic culture the company promotes or not. Some questions like ‘If you get a chance to become a superhero, what would you want to be and why?’ do not have a wrong answer, but they can give an insight into what type of person the candidate is.

  • Bringing In the Backup Forces to Help Recruit

Internal hiring is not always the best option and sometimes, new talent can energize the business and lift up the spirits. It is recommended that the company include its entire team in the hiring process.

After all, who can identify a potential winner than the team that has been there in driving the business to success? Moreover, rewarding successful referrals with bonus can be a positive step to motivate the current staff. So, have you figured out what have you been doing wrong and how can you recruit the right people?

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