How to attract the best applicants for your job ?

How many times have you had the displeasure of sifting through countless resumes and candidate applications only to discover them unfit for the job you can offer in your organization. First the hassle of shortlisting candidates from the bulk then, getting disappointed at the results after long-hour greulling interview sessions. How many of those candidates really fall through? Very, very few. The problem may lie in the fact that the candidates you are attracting are not the best you can attract yet. Here are some ways or means to hire the perfect fit for the job vacancies in your organization.

>> The issue may have arisen because of geographical limitation. If your job opening is a high level vacancy where you are willing to invest on your recruit by providing him lodging and other services, your advertisements should reach more people than they are reaching through your daily newspaper. Advertise in papers outside the city, visit universities and colleges and look for fresh graduates. They may not have years long experience but they are fresh and eager to learn and be trained. Test the candidates through a series of interviews, written and oral examinations and discussion sessions. Most multinational companies are going through this very vigourous process of selection and elimination. There is no stopping one to go through similar interview sessions and examinations with every short listed candidate for the job.

>> An organization, which is fuelled by many different departments, needs a stronger recruitment team to hire employees for the various job vacancies in the business. It is always easier to hire a application tracking system (ATS)- an online system which tracks resumes, gathers data, categorizes them according to your preferences and basically, make the job for the recruitment team fast and effortless. What the team would then have to worry about would be the interviews sessions. Your ATS would provide you with a job board which would display your job openings and the criteria which you have set for the incoming applications. This ensures that only those people apply for the job opening which fulfull the criteria for the job. Since this data is online, it is safely protected in the system and you can refer back to it whenever need be.

>> If an online tracking system sounds like a lot of work for you, your company needs to employ a recruiter- a third party to employ people for you. A large organization where a lot of great minds are needed to fill the space, a recruiter is the best option one has. The difficult part about hiring a recruiter to do the job for you is that he first and foremost, needs to understand and know your organization and the job itself you are offering in your organization. For him to understand or get an insight as to what kind of organization you are, your work ethics, your preferences, your culture or what kind of candidates you are looking for, the recruiter would need to spend some time with the employers themselves. All in all, hiring a recruiter is easier and simpler. The only downside of this option is that the recruits the recruiter bring in may not be what you wanted after all. The satisfaction of employing and hiring candidates by yourself and under your discretion cannot be attained by letting a third party do your work.

>> The best deal one has is to do it online. The ATS we mentioned above, is fast, brings in more resumes and applications, does not require a lot of time spent going through piles and piles of resumes, makes data easier to handle and work around with. This being an online system, thw work can be done by anyone who can navigate through a simple gmail account. Different ATS' have different features and the customers can get certain features added or removed from their career sites. Choosing the right ATS for your organization is also key and this needs some work done on the employers part to ensure the validity and quality of the ATS selected. It is always better to take a demo of the tracking system one is about to buy..
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Comment by HDot on September 17, 2009 at 3:44am
I completely agree with you. If you buy the wrong ATS for you business, it becomes more of a problem then a solution for your hiring process. Which is why, before buying an ATs, it is always better to do your research, take a demo and get familar with the software you are going to be depending upon...

Thankyou for comment :)


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