Getting a lot of eyes on your job advertisement is great.  

For many hiring managers, seeing dozens (even hundreds) of resumes pile in is the dream come true. However, once they start sifting through these resumes, sometimes they are left nonplussed.   

While spending time and money on job boards, Facebook ads and maybe even some Snapchat outreach can gain you a large quantity of applicants, you might still miss out on something more important: Quality.  

So what is one way to ensure that you are not only getting as many pairs of eyes on your job ad as possible, but that these eyes are belong to your dream candidates?

First you can follow many tips and tricks to optimizing your job ad at a technical level.

Adding keywords, related terms and pleasing titles will bring more applicants to your job post, but what makes the best ones stick?

Use your job advertisement to tell applicants all about your company culture!

We know, company culture is a pretty buzzed-about term these days.  

 In addition, it tends to go hand in hand with another buzzword, Millennial.  Read any magazine, blog post, newspaper, or ebook and you will find out just how important company culture is to today’s workforce. Company culture is what makes your business stand out among the rest; what makes you unique and special.

 So what are some ways to really showcase your company culture in a job ad?

A photo (really is worth a thousand words)

The old adage (yeah, that one!) is true for many reasons.

A picture can often paint a picture that words fail to represent. Consider including a picture of the last company outing, the office pet (however, this could filter out your allergy-prone applicants) or a cozy photograph of your insanely cool office.

Figure out what can be visually enticing about your company and attach that photo to the job ad!

Your social media presence

A smart applicant will likely already be following all of your social media accounts by the time they apply. However, if they aren’t, use the job advertisement as a place to connect applicants to your Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn company page or even your Google+ account.

Use your tweets and posts to illustrate day-to-day life in the company. Highlight great employees, post about customers’ successes and have a little fun.

This is advantageous to your company on multiple levels, as it make you attractive to future customers, as well.

Your successes & future

The job advertisement is a great place to explain to an applicant the company’s history and past experiences.  In addition, explain where the company is headed in the future and what role the applicant can play in doing so!

This can be a huge opportunity to capture an applicant and get their wheels turning for how they can contribute to their future success of the company.  

In conclusion

Your company culture is a built-in tool, use it!

Decide what makes your company special and show that to your candidates. It will not only weed out those who might not have been a great fit, but it will zero in on and excite the most meaningful applicants!   

Are there any other ways in which you showcase your company culture?

Let us know in the comments!

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