How to Be a Super Achiever, Whether You’re Manager or Employee

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Whether you're owner, manager or employee in your company, you probably know at least one super achiever in your midst. It’s the person who racks up victory after victory, sets new standards for excellence and is destined for big things.

What does the super achiever do differently from everyone else? What makes a super achiever a super achiever?

High achievers tend to share certain habits and qualities:

Goal Orientation

High performers have long-term and short-term goals. These goals are always in their minds and guide their behavior in every action and transaction.

A Drive to Succeed

Having a goal is not enough – the goal must be lofty. Super achievers have a vision of success and the determination to achieve it.


Successful people have a bias toward action. Yes, they think, reflect and plan, but they follow that with action.

Hard Work

Sure, they work smart, but they also work hard. Super achievers are often the first to arrive at the office in the morning and the last to leave at night.


Super achievers may look like lone eagles, but they rarely work alone. They rally a team around them, made up of colleagues, customers, vendors and networking contacts. Success requires many hands.


High achievers are good listeners. They absorb opinions and information and keep abreast of developments.

Continuous Growth

Super achievers know that to thrive over the long term, they have to continue to grow. Hence they change with the times, are open to new ideas and are always trying to improve themselves. They don’t rest on their laurels.


Super achievers don’t give up. They know there are many paths to success. If they come across an obstacle, they figure out a way around it.

Will adopting the above habits make you a super achiever? There's a lot more to being a high achiever, but these habits will supercharge your effectiveness and help you perform at your best potential.

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