How to build confidence at interview?

In reality we do not really know what questions we will be asked at the interview, we can have a good educated guess by reading the essential skills need for the job role on
the job specification, as the employer is sure to ask questions around
these skills.

Prior to the interview process you will find yourself normally nervous, fidgety, dry-mouthed or sweaty but being nervous and anxious is not an abnormal thing. If you are not able to control the
nervousness, however, then that will definitely affect your performance

Now if you have landed in an interview for a new job, most people get really stressed out about the whole interview process, you will feel like you are being judged, observed, analyzed and compared to
others, so how to deal with all of that confidently?

First understand that everyone goes through this at some point and majority of people feel exactly the same way. You must learn to present yourself confidently as your first impressions are crucial. You should
walk in for an interview boldly and your body posture must show a sign
of confidence.

The best way to build confidence at interview is through practice and preparation. Interview success comes through knowing about yourself, being clear about what you have achieved, your
values and what you want to achieve in the future. Research your
potential new employer. In today’s world of abundant access to the
internet, there is no excuse for not researching the new employer prior
to the interview. Knowledge builds confidence. Practice in front of a
mirror in pretending to answer questions from an employer about the
objective facts like your accomplishment, numbers and hard facts.

Great athletes visualize their accomplishments before actually performing them. Use this tactic before the interview. Visualize yourself shaking hands, making eye contact, remembering names, smiling
and being professional. Try using confident impressive words, smile and
display positive body language and take control of the conversation.

Eye contact is about building rapport and connecting with people. Without it there’s no connection, so be sure to look your interviewers in the eye as the interview progresses.

Interviews can be scary and often you don’t know what to expect. Don’t bring that uncertainty and doubt into the room with you and certainly don’t bring in any personal problems that might be bothering
you, put that all to one side before the interview starts.

These are some really essential points you have to keep in mind before proceed to the interview process as these tactics will surely get you the job and help you establish career.

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