How To Get Into Executive Search & Recruitment Companies Radar and How They Can Help You Find Job Opportunities

  1. Gain More Visibility 

If you are actively participating in the dialog of your field or industry specialism you significantly increase being recognised as a talent by executive search and recruitment companies in Myanmar. Being quoted in articles, having articles published or speaking at events relevant to your industry will help to increase your visibility. It is extremely important as a job seeker trying to find a job in Myanmar to get into the radar of the executive search or recruitment companies, most of which are based in Yangon.

  1. Success Is Being Recognised 

It is obvious that the more successful you are the more chance you have of being reconised by an executive search firm as they target the best candidates for the job, this will give you more information on the good jobs on offer in the market in Myanmar, whether you are looking or not. Allowing your profile to stand out in the most professional way makes you easier to find by executive search firms and ultimately get more job opportunities in Myanmar. It is what other people think of you as well as viewing yourself as successful that is the key to being noticed. Friends, colleagues, competitors are all on the list, how many of these people will be willing to refer you as a good option for a role, if they were asked for their opinion?

  1. Being Recognised As An Expert

Executive search and recruitment companies will be looking for the right skill sets and experience of a candidate to fill the job, however the cultural fit is an important factor to remember. If you as a candidate are a specialist in your field you have a better chance of being noticed over your cultural fit for the organisation. It is the same for the recruitment companies, they will be looking for the right job applicant, the person with the right skills and experience to fill that job opportunity.

  1. Consistent Networking 

There are many networking events in Myanmar and there are not so many people actually going and getting on with it. You should concentrate in your industry sector and amongst your peer groups, this is a powerful way of being noticed by not only executive search companies in Myanmar but also the recruitment companies. Naturally recruiters love to network also, this is a powerful way for them to find clients and candidates, as a job seeker trying to find a job in Myanmar you may well bump into the perfect recruitment company for you. The other thing is to stay in touch with the well-connected and talented colleagues you have met on the way and figureheads in your marketplace.

  1. Put Time Into Your Network Use It As If It’s An Investment

To maintain a successful network you have to invest time into it and see it as a long term thing, relationships are built over time not overnight and the more time you invest in them the stronger the relationship will be. You will get more rewards out of this type of behavior than becoming one of these overly enthusiastic ‘I’m looking for a job’ networkers.

  1. Social Networking

Social networks play a hugely important role in executive search and recruitment companies, especially in Myanmar. The population of Myanmar has gone from using virtually no technology to the latest technology in just a few years, in particular smart phones. While the more traditional methods such as the ‘black book’ still exist, most executive search and recruitment companies use a range of online platforms and tools to build long lists of candidates for particular jobs on offer. Due to this modernization of the methods used in searching it is a good idea to build your own personal social network profiles. In particular Facebook is very popular in Myanmar and also LinkedIn is a popular approach for executive search companies. Make sure your personal PR is easily accessible online, your articles and industry comments are valid and make a good option for people to read. This will allow executive search consultants to find you more easily and ultimately allow you to get more job opportunities thrown your way.

  1. Executive Recruitment vs. Executive Search

Executive search consultants target specific skillsets and experiences to match perfectly the job their clients have given them. An executive recruiter tends to work high volumes of roles and candidates and rely on a database to find the relevant candidates for the job. The executive recruiter is normally easier to interact, engage and contact, they are trying to build a varied and large talent pool and will want to have your details on the database in order to access your profile when a suitable job opportunity comes on offer. Executive recruitment consultants would have been the type of consultant that helped you in your early career as they tend to work more junior level jobs in Myanmar.

  1. We Will Call You 

The norm in a genuine executive search campaign is for the executive search consultant to find the exact match for the job opportunity. Then they will contact the most suitable candidates and persuade them to consider a particular job, role or responsibility. This individual may or may not be actively seeking a job. You may find it difficult to get in touch with the executive search consultants personally because they are always dealing with very specific candidates and normally don’t have time for the job seeker. Executive search consultants are specialists in their field. If you have the exact skills, expertise and experience for what they are looking for they will be happy to talk to you over the phone and in most cases meet in person. If you do not match the exact JD then they will normally explain why they cannot meet. However in Venari Consulting Service’s case they are likely to put you onto an executive recruiter who can spend the time to discuss your needs.

  1. Use An Executive Search Firm For Your Own Recruitment

The best way to lock in a good relationship with an executive search company is to use that firm to do your own recruiting. It is a well-known fact that the strongest professional relationships are built when both parties benefit from it. When you are hiring for jobs in Myanmar contact the executive search firm who is most relevant for your career development. Make yourself well known to the executive search company and they will most likely contact you in the future while on a hunt for a good candidate. Professional executive search companies treat conflicts of interest and off limit protocols very seriously and so if there is such agreements in place this may not work. If you are keen to lock in a long term relationships then this method is often very effective.

  1. Are You A Candidate Or Client?

The answer to this question is normally both (for most people) but not at the same time. People move around in their careers and so you may be hiring for a position through an executive search or recruitment firm one day and then 3 years later be looking for opportunities yourself. Executive search consultants often end up working with people they have met as candidates or clients and vice versa. It is important to remember that the same person who helped you find the right position for your career can also help you find the right candidates when your organisation is hiring. A lot of people tend to ignore the calls of a recruiter as very often they are fishing for business, this means the recruiter might not take your call when you are looking for a job. Therefore it is always better to communicate and take the time to understand what the contact is about.

Try to make sure your profile and updates are visible to the recruiters and executive search consultants, keep building long term professional relationships with colleagues, industry figure heads and recruitment & executive search companies in Myanmar.

Take a long-term approach to building strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with colleagues and key recruiters. Try to be visible and ensure that your key skills and achievements are in the public domain.

Author: William Murray – CEO Venari Consulting Services

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