My experience recruiting for IT consultants is very different from recruitin for Registered Nurses...with IT consultants you may either call them or by simply posting an add online- you get through them and they start calling you.

WIht healthcare though- speficically nurses..since they work odd shifts and lots of 12 hour shifts...I am not quite sure if they ever find a time to be online to look for jobs..not to mention- there's a lot of jobs for nurses which makes it challenging to recruit one just coz most of them would have jobs already...

So my question to you guys- if you can help me is..apart from cold/diretc calling..what other way can I do to get through nurses so as to increase my production/placement/hires?

I do cold calling and asking the people I talk to to refer friends they know..I would like to do a lot of job posting online..but not quite sure if that will be as effective..

would appreciate your advice!:)

Thanks and a good week everyone!:)

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Comment by Steve Delaney on March 2, 2009 at 10:46am
Hi Jennifer,

The issue you present here falls right in line with a debate, re-kindled by John Sumser in his recent blog "Digging into v2.08: The Death of Sourcing."

This is also a topic that Maureen Shaib explores in depth in her forum, The Sourcers Guild.

Both John and Maureen are prominent contributing members of RecruitingBlogs. They are great people to reach out to, and they may undoubtedly provide some leads for you.

An article by John P. Mello Jr. "America Offline: Many Don't Surf, Many Don't Care", describes the dilemma that thwarts the whole notion that the internet can provide easy access to everyone with talent to anyone who wants it. “Twenty-nine percent of U.S. households don't have Internet access, and don't plan to get it because there is simply nothing in cyberspace that interests them.”

From your experience with IT, you probably know that even among the most technically advanced, there are still “gurus” who intentionally stay off the internet grid; by choice not out of ignorance.

Your quandary points out the fact that internet sourcing is not the end-all, be-all for all talent searches; nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers, low-tech and high-tech skilled workers at all levels will simply not be caught in the web.

For this reason, good old fashioned telephone sourcing and other primitive forms of intelligence gathering will continue to be useful and necessary for years to come.

Comment by Maureen Sharib on March 2, 2009 at 11:30am
old fashioned telephone sourcing = primitive form of intelligence gathering
Okay, I'll accept that.
Steve, it's over on the MagicMethod network that we disucss phone sourcing in depth - you can visit (and join) the network here. Once there, look through the blog postings for the yellow talk bubble - it says "MagicTalk". There are about ninety class discussions that took place over the last year on the thorny subject of telephone names sourcing and I'm sure you'll learn some stuff in them!

Jennifer- one question - you say:
"...apart from cold/diretc calling..what other way can I do to get through nurses so as to increase my production/placement/hires?"
Why apart from cold calling? Wouldn't cold calling do just fine?
Comment by Maureen Sharib on March 2, 2009 at 11:47am
forgot the link to MagicMethod network
Join us!
Comment by Anthony Gentile on March 2, 2009 at 12:59pm
Healthcare professionals, and nurses in particular, are truly passive candidates. Cold calling is still the best technique, but there are other low cost ways to reach candidates (e.g. e-mail blasts, voicemail broadcasting). Also, I would ask for referrals from nurses and compensate them for successful placements...everybody can use a few bucks these days.
Comment by Jennifer LaVigne on March 2, 2009 at 1:16pm
Thank you guys for taking the time in providing me with really helpful and good informations. Maureen- to answer your question- cold calling can be just fine:) I guess I am just wondering if any of you guys would have other means of sourcing apart from what we do typically as recruiters and I truly appreciate your inout Maureen:) Steve- I appreciate the information you provided thanks again! And Anthony:Thank you and I guess I am pretty much doing what I can do- so far in my one month of doing healthcare recruiting without any experience on it and no contact base at all- I was able to successfully submit 4 candidates- and I have about 10 candidates working on getting their documents complete and will be submitted pretty soon and 2 referrals:) All just by doing cold calling..I guess I just wanted to be proactive and ask if there are other ways that seasoned/experience recruiters like you guys do other than cold calling/referrals and sending mass emails:) Thanks you guys and have a wonderful day!
Comment by Maureen Sharib on March 2, 2009 at 1:32pm
Jennifer - it appears that what you'r e doing puts even more meaning to the expression "The proof is in the pudding"! far in my one month of doing healthcare recruiting without any experience on it and no contact base at all- I was able to successfully submit 4 candidates- and I have about 10 candidates working on getting their documents complete and will be submitted pretty soon and 2 referrals:) All just by doing cold calling."
Comment by Jennifer LaVigne on March 2, 2009 at 2:00pm
Thanks Maureen- I guess at the end of the day- calling candidates directly is definitely one of the most effective way when sourcing for candidates... I guess I just have to mention and give credit to personamed, talent bank, monster and all online candidate search engine:) because they are the ones that provided me with candidate's resume and contact information:)
Comment by Shally Steckerl on March 4, 2009 at 12:54am
Really? Nurses are not "on the web?" OK then can anyone explain this:

Laura Jacobson RN MSN 404-712-7277
Neile Chesnut RN MSN
Corby D Amico RN MSN Rn 404-712-5850
Kennedy RN MSN Rn 404-712-5850
Angela Murphy RN Rn 404-712-5850
Lisa Spaulding RN FNP Rn 404-712-5850
Andrea Hitchcock RN BSN 404-778-5544
Melanie Vinten-Johansen RN Rn 404-686-7885
Kris Wittersheim RN NP Rn 404-686-7885
Teresa Lyle RN 404-778-5545
Gail Snell RN BSN CCRC 404-712-0531
Teresa Lyle Rn
JULIE A DAVEY RN MSN Instructor 404-727-6650
Rebecca Ann Gary Rn
Rebecca A Gary Rn
Kathi Langlois RN Director of the Ejch Cardiac Cath Lab
DONNA S JONES RN BA 404-290-2733
Susan Gaunt RN MS CCRN 678-442-2504
Edith Woodward RN 404-778-1688
Jane E Mashburn Associate Clinical Professor
Vickie Grimes RN 404-377-3719 x11
Jane M Skvarich RN 404-377-3719 x19
Jennifer Roark RN Family Nurse
Michele Shook-Payne RN Committee To the Nursing Department, North Georgia College
B Sisson RN
Dawn Sosebee RN
Nancy Murrah RN
Margaret F Moloney Rn 404-413-1170
Lynn Felker RN Research Associate 713-394-6917
Michaelanne Rowen RN CCRC 802-847-4746
Julie Dicken RN 612-625-9477
Johanne Trudel RN Qc Canada 514-376-3330 x3618
Elaine Massaro MS RN CDE Clinical Nurse Specialist, Diabetes
Cecilia Casey Rn, Ms
Deborah Tormey RN
Carol Underwood RN Senior Research Nurse
Lisa Mighton RN
Deidre Davidson RN Rn 416-340-5200
Linda Wright Rn 416-340-5200
Erna Wilkerson Club Member 770-931-6011
Rhonda Shideler RN 678-353-5025
Patricia Clark PhD RN Associate Professor 404-413-1180
S Dunbar Rn
K Parker PhD RN Co-Investigator
Tina Hickey RN 318-212-4676
Elaine Kilpatrick RN Rn 318-212-4676
Judy Hoff RN Hospital of Kansas 314-577-8867
Lora French RN 800-991-3349
Gary Sigle RN French, Rn 800-991-3349
Julie Rudd RN CNN 682-885-4000
LINDA LANE RN Legal Nurse Consultant
Meredith Fitz-Gerald RN 205-975-8088
Virginia Erickson RN 310-825-8816
Marcy Sagerian RN 619-543-7723
Mona Cantu RN 303-372-0730
Cynthia Williams RN 352-392-6078
Gail Snell RN 404-712-0531
Shanda Browning RN 706-724-2463
Terry Strzelczyk RN 312-926-1583
Page Scovel RN 319-384-8005
Carrie Gaskin RN 318-795-4025
Bobbett Harris RN 504-842-1134
Nancy Lim RN 617-638-8060
Judith Graziano RN MS 612-624-8427
Heidi Craddock RN 314-454-7422
Ann Stewart RN 816-932-5396
Carol Cherwinski RN 631-941-2000
Val Johnson RN 919-843-5212
Joann Homan RN 614-293-2908
Gordon Blackburn Principal Investigator
Susan Kay Rn 513-558-6061
Holly Burtch RN 419-383-3853
Donna Smith RN 918-502-4776
Deirdre Nauman RN 503-494-3957
Natasha Magee RN 972-566-6389
Jane Grant RN 403-220-8282
Darlene Cooley-Warnell 902-473-2728
Julie K Smith RN 519-667-6807
Malcolm Arnold Principal Investigator
Anne Cymet RN 416-603-5800
Rachel Vienneau RN 418-656-8711
Nancy Atmospera-Walch RN BSN President and CEO
Dee Baldwin PhD RN Associate Professor
Rachele Donnell RN Nurse, Community Health Nursing
Erma Jean Lawson Rn
Ora Lea Strickland Rn
Rosetta Swinton RN President and CEO
Lillian Tom-Orme PhD MPH RN Research Assistant Professor
Jerilyn Steinberg RN 404-727-8217
Carol Means RN Rn 404-727-8217
Beasley Ernest
Suzanne Hughes MSN RN Director, Patient and Community Education and Research
Christina A Chadwick RN MSN Associate Director, Ce Accreditation and Compliance
Janet Parkosewich Rn
Peter Buerhaus PhD RN
Douglas Staiger PhD Rn
Jo Ellen Koerner 605-332-1242
Gloria J Carusi MS RN Nurse Practitioner
Suzanne Combs RN Ms, Rn, Nurse Practitioner
Suzanne Combs RN Practice Manager
Emma I Darnell 404-616-7642
Kimberly Bertha RN BSN 304-598-4140
Jann E Stewart RN BSN Wvu Childrens Hospital 304-598-4140
Kiimberly Booker RN 336-951-4000
Valerie Sessoms RN 919-774-2280
Holly Barber RN 919-966-3481
Diane Hudson-Barr PhD RN 919-966-5960
Clara D Alston RN University of Nc Children'S Hospital 919-966-6534
Rene W Lefler RN University of Nc Children'S Hospital 919-966-3481
Ariel D Lemon RN University of Nc Children'S Hospital 919-966-3481
Carol Ann Manenti RN University of Nc Children'S Hospital 919-843-0957
Tina M Scott RN University of Nc Children'S Hospital 919-966-3481
Rhonda Ivey RN 919-350-1896
Med Cary Rn 919-350-1896
Maryellen C Lane RN 919-966-5063
Elizabeth P Redd RN MSN 919-681-5551
Mauri Williams RN MBA 919-966-5769
Kelly Allis RN MSN 252-847-6026
Amanda L Capps RN BSN 252-847-4378
Dana M Lovitt RN BSN 252-847-4378
Linda M Pare RN 252-847-4378
Marie Morton RN 252-744-5087
Bonnie J Davis Systems of Eastern Carolina
Angie T Smart RN IV University Health Systems
Christy Baggarly RN 704-783-3054
Julie S Daniels RN BSN 704-783-1367
Valerie N Rakes RN 704-783-1376
Shelly Rhoney RN 704-783-1367
Teresa Houston RN 704-834-3288
Jennifer Frame RN 704-660-4866
Lake Norman Frame Rn 704-660-4866
Lake Norman Frame Rn 704-660-4379
Cook RN BSN 704-355-7026
Robin Neely BSN RN Emt 704-355-7026
Rosemarie A Timmons RN 704-548-6363
Pamela Spivey RN BSN 704-381-4836
Joan Robbins RN 910-343-2175
Teresa B Montgomery RN 910-450-3677
Angela M Bell RN BSN 910-450-3677
Gloria Thompson RN
Kathryn M Stewart BSN RN 910-450-4254
Ann Mercer RN US Naval Hospital 910-450-3677
Sherri Diane Arndt BSN 828-326-2286
Beverly Welch RN BSN 828-326-2286
Jennifer P Drum RN 828-315-5693
Sheri Ward RN BSN 828-580-6370
Kathryn Stegman RN 828-580-6370
Rebecca D Brown RN BSN Mission Hospital 828-213-8600
Adean Moore RN 803-434-7151
Chaka Davis RN MSN MPH 803-352-0362
Karol Eubanks RN 864-560-6297
Kathy R Jolley RN 864-573-3891
Tara Tucker RN 864-573-3891
Ginger Hall RN 864-560-6516
Mary F White RN 864-560-6297
Kimberly A Thayer RN BSN Medical University of South Carolina 843-792-7784
Linda Wallace RN 843-777-5027
Carol M James RN 843-692-1188
Donna Rosaforte RN 843-692-1188
Judith Galter MSN CRNP Neonatal Education 610-745-7113
Cheryl McDonough RN 404-605-3322
Melissa Holcomb RN BSN 770-991-8297
Stephanie Devers BSN RN 770-991-8297
Arlene Doherty-Chandler RN MS CPNP 404-605-3654
Eileen Murray RN BSN Childrens Healthcare 404-785-6260
Deborah L Kilday RN BSN 770-956-6404
Kum Kim RN Childrens Healthcare 404-785-5061
Deneen Moore RN BA BSN Childrens Healthcare 404-245-4405
Charlene R Nendza RN MSN CCRN Northside Hospital Nicu 954-975-2074
Johnny Wilson RN Medical College of Georgia 706-721-2157
Theresa S Davis RN MSN 478-953-4608
Kelly Grummer-Smith BS RN 229-353-4829
Jennifer Lamb Fletcher RN 706-494-4126
Peggy Ann Pendleton RN 904-276-8538
Susan Haizelden Arnp 386-235-8429
Billie R Taylor RN 904-308-7340
Althea Whitehead RN BSN 904-308-7340
Elizabeth A Gyland MSN Arnp 904-202-8794
G N Bales-Lott RN EMT 904-244-5112
Rita C Duggins Arnp 904-276-8500 x22
Mary I Buskohl RN MSN 904-542-7709
Benny Powell RN MSN 904-542-7704
Lois L Wilmer RN BSN 904-542-9692
Erin Wade RN 904-399-6838
Connie R Killam Arnp 850-434-4883
Carol A Kelly MSn Arnp 850-416-4500
Lynette Kortness RN MSN 850-484-2259
Karen Marie Stephens RN 850-863-7667
Donna Adamson RN BSN 352-333-5310
Susan J Johnson RN 352-333-5304
Elizabeth Talaga MSN Arnp 352-265-0033
Giselle A Tse RN 407-321-4500
Julie Foster RN BSN 321-843-2328
Leonard Bassoo RN 407-841-5198
Brenda L Forrest RN 321-841-1384
Nidia Francis-Harris RN BSN 321-841-8818
Evelyn Garcia RN 321-841-5111
Barbara Faber Peterson RN 407-841-5198
Laura Thompson BSN RN 321-841-5198
Sherry A Scates RN 321-636-2211 x4577
Diane C Perlick RN BSN 772-567-4311
Eric Hernandez RN 305-823-5000 x5800
Kathy Mela Arnp 954-430-6802
Lottye H Crooms RN 954-538-4878
Holly Kidwell RN BSN 786-243-8541
Nancy Burke Arnp 786-662-8296
Colleen Rodriguez RN BSN 305-662-5146
Juliette Edwards RN Miami Childrens Hospital 305-668-5534
Dorit Litmanowicz BSN RN 954-797-6460
Jennifer Bustamante RN 954-797-6460
Barbara Bzura RN MSN 954-513-6023
Kimberly Gould-Ritter RN 954-797-6460
Robyn Santiago RN 954-797-6460
Lori Matich RN BSN 561-882-6357
Toni M Ahern RN 561-798-6034 x8144
Lorna Wilson RN 561-798-6034 x8144
Andrea Camp-Parker Arnp 352-291-6250
Jennifer L Combs MSN Arnp 561-955-3360
Karen Gallaway RN 561-955-5130
Deborah Bruton MSN Arnp 813-571-5162
Elizabeth M Persaud RN 813-681-5360
Toni Crites Arnp 813-757-8343
Lynn S Kliem Arnp, Ms 813-757-8343
Linda Leigh Ridenhour RN Tampa General Hospital 813-844-7224
Beverly Mane BSN Rn 813-872-3796
Julie L Bacon RN BA 407-432-5498
Louise Bowen Arnp 727-769-4115
Debora Hill-Ray MSN Arnp 727-892-4418
Gale Nolte RN 727-341-4900
Jeannette M Kadala RN BA Heart of Fl Regional Medical Center 863-419-2226
Sandra Eanes-McGugan RN Hospital of SW Florida 239-432-3477
Pamela S Laferriere BSN Arnp 239-343-5047
Ashley B Blakeley RN 941-766-4122
Karen L Wright Arnp 407-267-0711
Terri L Wolfe RN 941-917-1043
Dana Peco RN 941-917-1043
Mary Ellen Daubert RN 352-351-7454
Linda L Bellig RN MA 352-687-0628
Sheree Korecki RN 352-688-3005
Reva S Walmsley BS RN 352-666-6378
Debra Mitchell Arnp 727-725-6858
Amy Harvick Arnp 352-394-4071
Mary Ann Matthews RN 407-518-3284
Victoria Woodward RN 407-518-3266
Janet White Rn 205-934-7310
Amanda Brimer RN BSN University of Al 205-934-0654
Wendy Bedran RN BSN University of Al 205-996-5147
Kimberly R Nichols RN University of Al Birmingham 205-996-9966
LaDana Williams RN BSN MSN University of Al Birmingham 205-934-7310
Patricia Dunaway RN 256-265-7317
Greta Simmons RN
Deborah L Cooper RN BSN 256-265-7375
Mary W Hardwick RN
Patricia Jones RN CDE 404-657-6636
Ms Connie Barnett RN MSN Nurse Practitioner 912-489-4090
Karen Foster Blackburn Nurse Practitioner 404-413-1930
Sherby Brown Arnp 229-245-2308
Janet Garrity Arnp 706-733-0188
Serenia Carnegie Nurse Practitioner 229-245-1000
Serena M Coulombe CRNP Nurse Practitioner 706-882-8831
Ms Stephanie Elaine Fox RN Nurse Practitioner 404-616-4858
Ms Jeannine Yumiko Hoshino RN Arnp 404-728-6879
Deborah McNair Arnp 770-460-4285
Barbara Nickell MA RN
Amy Murdica MSW Ma Rn
Sylvia Kongelbeck RN
Danine Hayes RD Rn
Nettie Craig RN
Deborah Johnson RN BSN
Joan Blair RN MS
Deb Ringdahl Arnp
Christie Snively Arnp
Pilar Gennaro Arnp
Patricia Barry RN
Jennifer Ganote RN
Teresa Savage PhD RN
Jamie Kessler RN
Rhonda Shuman Hammond RN
Trudy Holmes RN
Rita Schrodt RN MA
Francie Mandel Rn
Victoria A Huerter BSN RN
Carolyn Jones Saete RN
Tracy Smith RN
Joanne Denz RN NP
Jennifer Morgan RN BSN
Melissa Walters RN BSN Rn
Gigi Smith RN
Jane Gibbs RN
Julie Shaw Rn
Tammy Bertran RN
Nancy Elling RN 804-321-7474 x6585
Amy L Cantrell RD Rn
Lori Legois RN 608-238-6876
Rhonda Werner RN
Shanda Browning-Vaughn RN
Terry Strzelczyk RN
Peggy Bennett RN
Page Scovel RN
Ted Turner
A Akey Internal Medicine
Gisele Castonguay RN BSN Therapist 207-295-2122
Kevin Horner Physical Therapist 605-328-1870
Maxine Erickson RRT RN 813-681-0570
Michelle S Sternik RRT RN 407-498-9559
Terry F Ray RN 954-565-8173
Rita Duffy RN 941-432-3635
Dana Darche RN 954-985-5800
Liz Shaw RN BSN 305-596-6564
Susan D Agostino RN RN South Miami Hosp 941-284-5048
Susan D Agostino RN BSN South Miami Hosp 305-661-4611 x8484
Ann Taylor RN Nch Healthcare 941-436-5286
Carmen Jorge-Fernandez BA 352-629-3390
Stacey Applegate RN 954-433-7125
Shirley Vuille RN 813-341-7741
Pasadena Hosp Rn 813-341-7741
Lynn Stillwell RN 941-917-1858
Pamela Terry RN BSN 813-634-2555
Mary Ellen Theroux Rn 912-692-7340
Rose Sheldon RN 912-927-5144
Melanie Willoughby RN BSN 770-736-2280
Sheri L Daly RN CCRN 209-883-6201
Connie Osborn CCRN 208-463-5392
Carla Bahr RN Advocate Med Group 773-594-1900
Marianne Kwiatkowski RN MS 708-765-6754
Roxanne Wicklund MS RN 217-464-2056
Barbara Kuhn RN BSN MBA 815-233-0388
Diane Ball RN 618-798-3659
Beverly Motil RN BSN Advocate Hosp 708-799-8000
Fullbright MSN RN 630-887-4787
Hinsdale Hosp Msn, Rn 630-887-4787
Sue Shields RN 815-725-7133
Joseph Med Rn 815-725-7133
Cindy Davis RN 217-258-2177
Janis Bartel MSN RN 815-759-4278
Cheryl Boelk RN BSN 618-684-3156
Barb Sanjabi Hubler Rn 708-673-6456
Sherry Magdic MSN RN 847-925-6468
Susan Stubler RN BSN 815-875-2876
Joni Colli RN RRT Carpenter, Springfield, Il 217-544-6464
Sally Prabhu Snyder Rn 217-337-2237
Nancy Sislow RN MS 630-462-3661
Susan Little RN Breast Health Facilitator
Amanda Walls RN
Charnan Koller R.N 443-923-9131
Harriett G Darnell 404-699-8580
Donald Holmes RN 216-445-6397
Jana Keller RN Professor of Medicine 720-848-6511
Dawn E Williams BSN RN LNCC
David Ivey Attorney for Special 678-372-3552
Louise Gracey Attorney 770-962-0100
Terry Backer RN MSN Founder Member 770-751-9131
Gayle Whitman PhD RN
Whitman PhD RN Rn Faan
Whitman PhD RN VP, Science Operations
Brenda Lankford RN PhD 404-756-1377
Ms Massing Rn
Sherie L Whiting RN Organizer 619-658-0088
Pamela Timothy MS RN 909-558-4652
Beverly Firth RN 213-977-4176
Susan Smith RN 626-397-3315
Linda Gordon RN
Linda Vardeman RN Director
Debra McKinney RN
Sharon Hornecker 404-851-7025
Roselle Baran RN BSN CCRN
Kryss O Donnell RN MS Rn Director
Patti Vaughn RN Electrophysiology Lab
Jacqueline Owen RN 504-349-2318
Lona Davis RN Primary Contact Person
Anita Soares RN Organizer and Contact Person 508-675-0369
Theresa Cirocco RN BSN 313-916-2417
Jackie Parker RN BSN Rn 313-916-2417
Judy Lehmann RN BSN Rn 313-916-7690
Kathy Bizek RN NP Rn 313-916-7690
Jackie Oliai RN MSN Rn 313-916-2417
Donna Thurn 616-373-8070
Timothy Ryan RN Manager trryan@cardiac.creighton
Nell Kapeghian MSN RN
Sandra Dillon RN 201-996-2287
Donna Neglia RN 973-926-7502
Carol Zalinger RN 603-650-6112
Linda Wagenknecht RN Facilitator
Stacey Simeon RN BSN Co-Facilitator
Debbie Jones RN 828-274-6000
Janet Collins RN 614-293-8916
Ceri Gibbs RN Organizer 905-527-4322
Polly Luthro RN 800-765-4261
Jon Klenk RN
Fran Hoffman RN Rn
Kim Koehle RN 814-946-2108
Jennifer Conrad RN BSN Electrophysiology Nurse
David Scher Rn
Desiree Soto RN Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
Sherry Taylor RN BSN Group for Pediatrics 803-792-8580
Dr Nancee Sneed RN PHD College of Nursing
Gayle Terry RN
Cheryl Bores RN

I got over 400 in under five minutes. And that's just one single organization (Emory) in one city (Atlanta)... there's hundreds of thousands of them on the web. How? Easy.

Comment by Maureen Sharib on March 4, 2009 at 6:46am
Shally, that is VERY VERY impressive!
Comment by Jennifer LaVigne on March 4, 2009 at 9:07am
WHOA! Thanks a lot SHally! This is wonderful!


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