How To Grow Your Recruitment Agency: The 2 Things You Must Focus On

How to grow a recruitment agency is a common question when a group of recruitment business owners get together. The industry is filled with many high performing recruiters who decided to try their hand at running their own recruitment company only to find that they are now stuck. Everything is going OK and yet the growth and profits are not happening exactly as they wanted. This is usually because of a lack of attention to two key and vital things.

People and process. As any company reaches a critical mass attention must turn to these key areas.


The biggest overhead in any business and also potentially the most lucrative when it comes to impacting on your bottom line. In honesty recruitment company growth and success is led by the performance of your recruiters. A high biller can potentially make you millions. Logically then training recruiters is an important key step.

 A recruiter’s role is to bill as much as possible. Let’s not beat about the bush. To do that they need to have amazing selling and influencing skills with everyone they come into contact with. From the candidates they attract in, to the clients that they work with to ensure that the highest quality candidate fulfils the role.

Diplomacy, patience and drive are all needed in abundance. An important factor that still comes into play is the Management and coaching of your high billers. By their nature sales people (aka) recruiters are a bit different. They are used to persuading people. So your recruitment team leaders must make sure that they can handle this. An official performance management process will make sure that your recruiters deliver consistently. Hiring and firing is a waste of money. As recruiters you will know that. Having specific performance measures helps. A famous saying is what gets measured gets made, add into this a dash of motivation and additional advanced training and you will soon have a high performing team that does literally work like a well-oiled machine.


Having a process in any business works. A systematic plan to follow works wonders. Have you noticed that some of the biggest employers in the UK use systems, checklists and processes? Imagine turning up at your local hospital to be surrounded by a surgical team that has no idea what is happening next. This might sound an outrageous example and yet think of how this can translate into your own business. A life may not be at stake though a number of livelihoods will be.  Creating asystem approach and way of thinking will impact in many areas of your recruitment business and is a great clue in how to grow your business. Any repetitive task need to be written down. Success leaves clues. Imagine have a defined process where you can pinpoint exactly what needs to happen to produce predictable results. This process style of thinking can work at all levels in your recruitment company. From your marketing, lead generation, people management, and employee reward and development system.

If you are stuck about how to grow a recruitment business. Sit down with a paper and pen and walk through exactly what is and is not working in these two areas and you will have a first start action plan for success.

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Nicky Coffin has over 15 years' experience growing her own recruitment agency and helping other recruitment business owners to do the same. If you want to know more about growing a recruitment agency, visit our interactive website at Centred Excellence.




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Comment by Stephen Smith on June 4, 2013 at 4:51am

In my view the author is deliberately ambiguous when discussing processes. The reality is that it's a simple equation. Don't spend days upon days doing admin like time sheets, compliance, invoices etc...

Find a way to keep the time spent on admin low, in turn keeping costs low and allowing the agency to reinvest those resources into business development.

Comment by Denise Oyston on June 4, 2013 at 7:56am

Hi Stephen I dont think it is deliberate, you can't cover everything in a 500 word article. I imagine the point Nicky is making is that to create a great business you need to have a process and system in place. As a sales and marketing consultant myself I know that many companies still don't have a focus on their people and systems. So they never achieve what is possible. The one thing I would challenge you on is compliance. In today's environment a business that is not compliant won't last long !

Comment by Aidennaill Maevekeeva on June 30, 2013 at 6:44am

Develop such antique that guide to provide some unique and special personalities and look out their intelligence but it all depends on intelligent person. In my opinion a recruitment agency must polite by making or analyzing some special abilities during selection, as everyone has unique quality.


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