Making the right hire is hard enough on its own. Let alone when you’re forced to hire with limited resources.

Maybe your company has very tight profit margins, or you just can’t stretch the budget for an elaborate hiring strategy. Either way, not having access to the tools you need can put a real strain on your hiring plans; but it doesn’t make it impossible.

If you’re stuck, here are some of the best ways for hiring with limited resources!

If You Can’t Offer Good Pay, Offer Good Perks

Of course, in order to attract the best candidates, you’ll need to ensure your salaries are competitive. If you’re offering below-average wages, then you’re likely to put candidates off your jobs. Sure, money isn’t everything, but it sure does make hiring a whole lot easier if you’re offering a package that candidates will want.

However, not every company can offer sky-high pay packets; especially if you’re already hiring on a budget. What you can do though is bulk out your job offer with a range of perks and benefits.

As the workplace modernizes, what employers offer their candidates should too. Perks such as flexible and remote working are hugely desirable right now. You never know, if you gave someone the option to work flexibly for slightly less pay, they may actually jump at the chance.

Use Referral Schemes

One of your greatest assets as a company is your workforce. So, what better resource to tap into to help boost your hiring efforts? They already know what the company culture, the expectations of the business, and the office environment are like. So, their recommendations should carry some serious weight.

As valued employees who understand the company, their recommendations should be taken very seriously. You’ll want candidates, like them, to join the business and immediately fit in. If you’re able to source these candidates without conducting an elaborate, expensive hiring process, take it!

In order to incentivize and encourage employee referrals, why not offer paid rewards. This doesn’t need to be a blockbuster amount of money. Anything between $250 and $500 could work and you can pay it out once their referral has passed their probation. It won’t break the bank, and it costs a lot less than an entire hiring process.

Maximize Your Candidate Experience

Creating a great candidate experience is a very underrated way to boost your hiring efforts, for no extra cost at all!

By showing candidates that you care about their job search journey, regardless of whether they join your company or not, you’ll improve brand loyalty. As a result, you’ll encourage these candidates to continue to apply for your jobs in the future, only strengthening your talent pool.

With some candidates, it can be the case of right person, wrong role. Maybe they need a bit more fine-tuning in order to succeed in your company. Make sure you provide constructive feedback after interviews, keep in contact and respond early and often to their queries. That way, you’ll leave them with a positive impression of your company.

As well as it being morally correct, it’s also very smart. You may have been really impressed with a candidate, but ultimately another outshone them. Instead of chucking them in the ‘no’ pile and never hearing from them again, stay in touch. Create a list of their strengths and any potential jobs they could be suited for down the line.

This way you already have a ready-made candidate shortlist when it comes to hiring again!

Use Cost-Effective Tools

If you do have limited resources, you’ll need to be smart when it comes to investing in the right hiring tools. Job boards, for example, are extremely cost effective and can help to boost your hiring efforts without breaking the bank.

Not only do they enable you to advertise your vacancies to active job hunters, you can also search through their databases of millions of candidates. This means you’ll always have a solid pool of talent to choose from.

What’s more, you can negotiate on a package that suits your hiring needs and budget.

Don’t Let Limited Resources Affect Your Hiring Efforts

As frustrating as it may be, you shouldn’t let a lack of resources stand in the way of making a great hire. It also shouldn’t be used as an excuse to hold off on your hiring efforts altogether.

There are plenty of ways to hire with limited resources and ensure the quality of hire isn’t compromised. This includes prioritizing your candidate experience, encouraging and incentivizing referral schemes, and offering candidates what they really want as well as using the right cost-effective tools.

Don’t put your hiring plans on hold, use these tips and start hiring today!

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