Is there a way to keep motivated when the chips are down or you are going through a slump? Being that most of us are self-employed or sub-contracted (possibly even contracted…let’s cover all the bases!) Motivation becomes key to our daily lives and definitely to our production. Without the motivation or the will to carry on, the day becomes exceptionally long and drawn out!

The best solution is to leave your desk (wherever it is) and reward yourself with a mental break for all the outstanding work you have already accomplished. It doesn’t have to be a long break, just substantial enough that your eyes return to the prize; and you feel invigorated to carry on. Remember the basic rule of leaving the home issues at home; and that you have clients depending on your production. Take on only enough work not to be overwhelmed with your new quota; and stay in touch with those necessary to see every step of your task completion.

Sometimes a job list just doesn’t work. Sometimes the need to take a step back to move two steps forward becomes necessary. This is alright in the big scheme of things as it will lead eventually to you returning to your post as task-master (or Master of all your Tasks) more lively and energetic than before the slump.

One thing to remember however, is that the negative energy is normal and we all receive our fair share (some in larger quantities than others at one time); we have to stand tall enough and be responsible enough not to let these times drag us down any lower than necessary; so we can resume the journey of positive energy at the earliest time possible. Think of one thing that is important to you; we all have many, and think about how you can affect this goal sooner.

It all comes down to harnessing the inner energy, and when the ‘Under Construction’ signs are put up; find the alternate route around the issue until you can meet it head on; and check it off the ‘Didn’t ask for this issue- But its out of the way, Now’ list.

Some of you are probably asking where I am going with this ramble; and the answer is simple: We all strive to be the best in whatever area we are employed in; The best in our daily lives; The best for all those around us; If possible the best example for others we can be in this life, and show that a little hard work and good fortune will pay off.

My question’s are: What if you aren’t presently in that frame of mind? and What if you start believing You aren’t as good as you thought you were? Just wondering and trying to leave……

Something to Think About… where did I put that horse- time to get back on it!


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Comment by Tim Spagnola on November 4, 2011 at 11:22am

it is hard at times for sure to get back on that horse Dan. Thanks- I needed a pep talk this morning to round up some motivation. I always encourage recruiters on my team to at times get up from their desk and just take a walk around the building. It is all of 10 minutes, but that can do wonders for making one much more productive for the afternoon session.

Comment by Daniel J Smith on November 4, 2011 at 11:29am

As usual Tim, Some good words to live by. Have a terrific weekend


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